Crystals, Fossils, and More Do you love rocks as much as Cannalance does? We really dig them. That’s why we threw together this heavily linked guide on some cool rock-hounding spots across the state of Oklahoma. This guide will explore geodes, quartz, hourglass selenite crystals, Oklahoma rose stone (state stone),Continue Reading

Conspiracy theory or truth? We don’t have answers, but we can help spark the imagination. CannaLance loves cannabis, watching videos, documentaries, and reading. You might say we love to medicate while we educate. Sharing information about the cannabis culture, community, and industry is one of our many passions. The scienceContinue Reading

Kong Concentrates makes the best hashish I’ve found in years! If you love old-school hash, you’re definitely going to love Kong Concentrates. These days, so many people dab when it comes to cannabis concentrates. They are missing out on the amazing world of hashish. Kong Concentrates makes ice water extraction hashish that isContinue Reading

4/20 is a day of celebration for cannabis consumers and patients alike. Since the legend and tradition of 420 began decades ago with the story of the 420 Waldos, on a daily basis when the clock strikes 4:20 and each year on April the 20th, cannabis consumers have celebrated allContinue Reading