There are an abundance of beautiful minds that are able to articulate words surrounding cannabis, however, not all of them can speak from decades of life experiences within the cannabis culture. We are James and Ashley Priest, the founders of CannaLance.

Here at CannaLance we are more than just cannabis writers. We are cannabis enthusiasts. Some may even say we are weed snobs. This may be because we believe in, embrace, and respect this plant for all of the medicinal, spiritual, and unique individual benefits that it offers each diverse consumer and patient. We also have a pretty immaculate taste when it comes to the products we consume. After all, cannabis is a medicine and should be of the purest and highest quality.

Together, we have been consuming cannabis for over 50 years. We know the atrocity of cannabis prohibition and have lived through the arrests, raids, probation, incarceration, and harassment it entails. We have lost loved ones that could have drastically benefited from cannabinoid therapies which have been denied to the masses for decades. We have watched the magic and hope that cannabis offers to a family watching their loved ones fighting for their lives on a daily basis. We have experienced firsthand just how miraculous this plant is at offering relief from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

We started CannaLance in 2014 as Marijuana Writers before rebranding shortly after. Since then we have put our knowledge and experience to work for dozens of clients around the globe resulting in millions of words published. As cannabis freedoms progress, we thrive to expand our knowledge in all realms of cannabis. Our passions lie with patients, the culture, and innovative science regarding the plant. However, we can compile content on almost all aspects of the budding culture, community, and industry surrounding cannabis in all its glorious forms!