June 08, 2021 For Immediate Release Contact:media@norml.org Connecticut: Senate Lawmakers Advance Adult Use Marijuana Legalization Bill Members of the Connecticut state Senate have approved legislation, Senate Bill 1118, to legalize the adult use of marijuana and regulate its commercial retail sales. “For decades, tens of thousands of Connecticut residents have faced arrest,Continue Reading

May 21, 2021 For Immediate ReleaseContact:media@norml.org Survey: Over Two-Thirds of Medical Professionals Acknowledge That Cannabis “Can Be Used Medically Atlanta, GA: Nearly 70 percent of US clinicians believe in the use of cannabis as a medicine, according to survey data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. Commenting on the findings, NORML’s DeputyContinue Reading

4/20 is a day of celebration for cannabis consumers and patients alike. Since the legend and tradition of 420 began decades ago with the story of the 420 Waldos, on a daily basis when the clock strikes 4:20 and each year on April the 20th, cannabis consumers have celebrated allContinue Reading

The ONE Festival started in New York back in 2006 and today is the longest-running solo performer’s theater festival in New York City. The festival’s founder Veronica Caicedo, has had a lifelong passion for theater being involved in the production and direction of solo performance theater since the early 90s. TheContinue Reading