The PowerHitter-Product Review

I’m starting to crawl up there in my years reaching the ripe old middle age of 45. I started smoking very young in life. During my teenage years I was fortunate to have known a lot of lifetime stoners. This enabled me to try an amazing device called a PowerHitter. It was like getting a shotgun just without somebody’s lips in your face. These things used to put off some amazing hits. Another great thing about them is they kept people from burning themselves, furniture, carpet, basically pretty much anything around them. You didn’t even have to worry about ashes going all over the place.

My teenage years disappeared, and I vanished into a never ending cycle of work. It seemed the more I worked the less I had. Finally, after a few years things picked up for me. I found my passion as a writer and with it came a financial roller coaster. Sometimes I’m doing good. Other times I’m not. When I am doing good, I try to make sure to get the things I like. One of the things I ran across that took me back was the PowerHitter.

I thought it was a prank when I first saw they were available. Of all places, I stumbled across them on Facebook. I had to go check this website out. When I got to, I began to tingle with excitement and anticipation. The PowerHitter was back! After decades in hiatus, it had returned in all its glory with a few changes. The old ones were black and had a metal tip. The new ones are purple and have a hard plastic tip. The PowerHitter is constructed with FDA approved food grade plastic. It is durable and will last for years to come.

How to Use the PowerHitter

Using this thing is easy as 1, 2, 3. First unscrew the cap, stick a joint in it and light it. Next screw the cap back on with the joint lit. Finally put your finger over the hole and give it a squeeze!

Don’t lip it, rip it. Simply hold the cap a few inches from your face while inhaling just as you would take a shotgun hit from somebody blowing you one. Let your finger off of the hole and the PowerHitter will be ready for the next hit. There is a video below that shows just how easy it is to start ripping from the PowerHitter!

Don’t worry about ashing everywhere because the ashes will fall into the bottom of the unit. You don’t need to worry about shooting fire out of your unit either. When roaches get really small you don’t have to worry about fireballs coming out while you’re squeezing to get your hit. Eventually it just stops smoking. Keep the piece you hit from clean using a pipe cleaner and you will always have tasty shotguns waiting. 

Benefits of a PowerHitter and the Nostalgia it Brought to Me

In the times with COVID-19 madness and social distancing smoking a j using a PowerHitter lets you avoid kissing everybody you’re seshin with. Let me just say this thing is hands down incredible. It is just like the old one I remember from when I was a kid. If you had a PowerHitter growing up and have lost it over the years this is a great opportunity to replace this unique one of a kind smoking device. Your PowerHitter can be registered at after purchase.

It May Have You Coughin’ but it Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re ready to get a PowerHitter yourself, you can pick one up for only $30 bucks. At the time of writing this article, the PowerHitter Co. was running a sale offering $5 off of one unit making the price only $25. You can save even more if you want to get a PowerHitter for yourself and some of your buds. The party pack has three PowerHitter for $60! That’s almost like buying two and getting one free. If you really want to make your friends smile this is a great gift for any occasion and you can get “The Hook Up” which is five PowerHitters for the Kick-Ass price of just 90 bucks! 

The PowerHitter puts the power of amazing hits in the palm of your hand. If you haven’t tried one of these incredible smoking accessory devices, you just don’t know what you’re missing. My advice is to get your hands on one today! Click here to score your very own PowerHitter and experience the magic for yourself! If you would like to see the PowerHitter in use and how simple it is go utilize, check out this short video!

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