PRESS RELEASE – IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chester Springs, Pennsylvania –(BUSINESS WIRE)—Affinity Bio Partners, LLC,  a global clinical research organization focused on Medical Cannabis and CBD Clinical Research, Affinity Patient Advocacy, LLC, a non-profit patient advocacy firm and AI Health Outcomes, LLC, an Artificial Intelligence Technology company which is the parent companyContinue Reading

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES – January 15th, 2020 Compassionate Certification Centers™, a medical cannabis healthcare system, in collaboration with Affinity Bio Partners, a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), and AI Health Outcomes, CannaBot™, are pleased to announce the conclusion and publication of a medical marijuana-focused observational study in Pennsylvania. ThisContinue Reading

“SciCann Therapeutics and FSD Pharma announce selection of Affinity Bio Partners as the Clinical Research Organization in connection with Compassionate Care Certification Centers to launch the first clinical research study for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in Pittsburgh, PA.”Continue Reading

Cryptocurrency and the cannabis industry appear to be merging together to create a solution to the federal government and other governments issues and concerns about using the current monetary system for cannabis. Since these governments seem to want to play and delay people came up with another way. IBM recently pitched Blockchain for cannabis sales. Blockchain according to IBM would be an ideal mechanism for capturing the history of cannabis from supplier to buyer and everywhere in between. In an essence, it’s the ultimate seed to sale currency platform.Continue Reading

There’s something fishy going on with cannabis, but just what is it? Cannabis is popping up in the news everywhere it seems. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher the real news from propaganda and fake news. While reading the headlines recently I ran across one that caught my interest. Most of the articles having to do with cannabis seem to be about the same thing anymore. You’re lucky to find one showcasing an actual medical patient or someone unknown in the culture and community. The story I ran across however I found fishy right away.Continue Reading