The holidays are upon us and this year we would like to share with you some of the most elevated deals happening in the cannabis space! Whether you are looking for skin care products, hemp flower, or cannabis accessories, we have you covered! Check out the growing list of cannaContinue Reading

November 09, 2020 For Immediate Release Gallup: Record Percentage of Americans Say “Marijuana Should Be Made Legal” Nearly seven-in-ten Americans support legalizing the possession and use of marijuana by adults, according to nationwide polling data compiled and reported by Gallup. “In national polls and at the ballot box, the American publicContinue Reading

“In light of the current state of COVID-19 and the CDC’s actions, Americans for Safe Access has been monitoring the situation to make sure that medical cannabis patients are not forgotten,” said ASA Founder and President Steph Sherer. We want to ensure that dispensaries are seen as essential businesses that will remain open for patients. We applaud states that have already put emergency precautions into action and we will keep patients and the public updated on any future developments through our response page.”Continue Reading

” Privy Peach, a women-centric CBD brand based out of Colorado, is excited to announce the re-release of their highly sought after intimate oil with increased CBD content just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Privy Peach intimate oil is now available with 50 mg more of CBD for a total of 300mg for the same price of the previous offering (12 pouches instead of 10).”Continue Reading

Last year, we published an article called “Did You Know You Could Consume Cannabis Like This?” which discussed a delivery method that not many people think about or are aware of. The delivery method I am referencing is the Pechoti intake method. This intake method for consuming cannabis utilizes the Pechoti gland which is right behind the belly button of all humans. At the end of this article, you can see some of the questions that we were asked as well as their respective responses. But first, we’d like to share some more information regarding Ayurvedic medicine with you.Continue Reading