Kong Concentrates Are a Blast from the Past You’re Going to Want in Your Stash

Kong Concentrates makes the best hashish I’ve found in years! If you love old-school hash, you’re definitely going to love Kong Concentrates. These days, so many people dab when it comes to cannabis concentrates. They are missing out on the amazing world of hashish. Kong Concentrates makes ice water extraction hashish that is out of this world.

Did you ever smoke hash back in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s? Do you remember taking a piece of cardboard, some aluminum foil, a needle, and a drinking glass to a table or countertop to get lit on some hash? If you do, you might say you’re old-school.

Hashish offers consumers a solventless extract made from ice, water, and weed vs weed being blasted with butane, propane, or CO2. A lot of the dabs made these days also go through a process that I’m not very fond of called CCR or Cannabis Color Remediation. This filtration process is used to remove any remaining chlorophyll and contaminants. It also kills all the natural cannabis terpenes which are then replaced most commonly with other non-cannabis derived terpenes.

I’m not a fan of smoking lavender, peppercorns, and citrus plants. I prefer natural cannabis terpenes like the ones you find in good ice water hash like those made by Kong Concentrates. So many places sell hash that is nothing more than pressed kief. There is a HUGE difference between pressed kief and hashish.

Kong Concentrates Papaya Cake Temple Balls are the best hashish I’ve purchased from a legal market. They’re so good that I reached out to Kong directly on social media to tell them how much I loved their hashish and to find out when I could plan on scoring some more Temple Balls. I seem to have bought all of them that they had at 420 Releaf in Grove, Oklahoma.

They have some other ice water extraction hashish that looks like a cinnamon roll or an ammonite fossil that is fire too, also from Kong Concentrates. But I love my Temple Balls. They also have some rosin that I have yet to try because I can’t get past their hash. Rumor has it, a drop of new strain specific hashish is coming soon with strains like Blackberry Cookies, Skywalker OG, Black Sugar Rose, and Grape Durban!

This hashish is lit and I’m sure you will love it! We’re talking about ice water extraction concentrate that is testing around 64% THC and 5.3% terps! Ooh-la-la, that sounds like some terpy goodness. I’m not sure if I have told you or not but, I LOVE KONG CONCENTRATESI Kinda went canna fan on this but it’s that good.

Photo from @KongConcentrates Facebook Page

Who knows, maybe if I’m lucky enough the folks at Kong Concentrates will have me out to do an interview for another article that details how they make their fire and where their passion for hash comes from. Talking with them on social media, letting them know how much I loved their hash; they got back to me to say thanks and to tell me a little bit about how it was made.

“Woohoo! So glad to hear you like it. We put a lot of time and energy into each of those temple balls. All hand paddled ice water hash, hand pressed and rolled, then cured & aged 3+ months. We appreciate your support greatly.”-Kong Concentrates

I will definitely let you know when I find out the drop of new temple balls is out. When you’re ready to score some Kong Concentrates for yourself, be sure to head on over to 420 Releaf in Grove OK for some of that fire you desire. Not to mention if you have a hole in your bowl and need some nuggets to plug it, they have a blazin selection of flower to choose from like Blackberry CookiesBlack GarlicWhite Truffle and many more! When you are ready for some real hash in your stash, get your hands on some of that fire from Kong Concentrates.

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