The VONG Dry Herb Vaporizer – Product Review

I have tried many dry herb vaporizers in the past, but nothing like the DynaVap. I remember the very first time I tried one of the “highly recommended” dry herb vapes on the market. When I took my first hit, I asked my wife, “do you think I did it right?” Since then, it’s been about the same reaction with every dry herb vaporizer I have tried. Sometimes I would get a funny taste sort of like popcorn but never anything more. I couldn’t seem to get what I would call a hit and all the dry herb vaporizers seemed to do was ruin the taste of good weed to me.  Now you have to remember that I don’t use a dry herb vaporizer for medical conditions or due to sensitivity to smoking cannabis. 

I wanted to try dry herb vaporizers because I thought, hey this would be something cool other than a bowl, bong, or dab rig. After trying about a dozen different dry herb vaporizers, there was only one that every impressed in the slightest. Other people enjoy them and receive many benefits and get a lot of use from their devices, just not me. 

Still, the concept of dry herb vaporizing catches my attention. The concept of heating cannabis flower without reaching the point of combustion to create an inhalable smoke that produces intoxicating effects sounds like my cup of tea. I reluctantly tried a few other products over the years. Some of them were okay but most of them just didn’t do it for me. But then… one day, that all changed.

My Introduction to the VONG!

One day, I was on my way out to go fossil hunting and got a message on my phone. A friend of mine asked me if I had ever heard of DynaVap. I write about a lot of products and companies in the cannabis industry so the name sounded familiar but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. A quick search on the internet and I soon realized this was a device I had never tried. After reading about DynaVap, I absolutely had to try one of their products. One of the intriguing factors of their dry herb vaporizers for me was that they aren’t battery powered. You have to heat this one yourself. All of the previous devices I had tried utilized electronic batteries combined with ceramic elements.

I watched a short video on someone using one of the devices. I was intrigued they used a small hand torch to heat it to the point that the DynaVap device made a click. They took a long hard pull off of it followed by a cloud of smoke and a bit of coughing. Now wait a minute, I thought to myself, that doesn’t look like any dry herb vaporizer hit I’ve ever had. I had to get one of these.

DynaVap has many different types of units to choose from. I chose the VONG. It combines a wooden sleeve with titanium crowns and offered a sleek natural look that I like. Not only did I like the look of this little unit, but I also absolutely loved its performance! This thing is worth its weight in gold!

A Potent Creation

From the very first time I utilized the DynaVap VONG, I have been impressed. It provided a smooth draw and a rather nice cloud along with it that gave me a very fulfilling hit. The feeling afterwards was quite the surprise. I consume quite a bit of cannabis. Some might say I don’t smoke to get high, I smoke to stay high. I do get a buzz, but normally it’s not very strong and doesn’t last very long.

I can’t say this about the Dyna Vape. This little device packs a punch that keeps going. A single bowl vaped utilizing the VONG provides me with the same effects as doing a big dab rip off of my RIO cold start dab rig. I have been smoking about 40 years and never in my life have I achieved such a buzz from a bowl. Let alone one that I didn’t have to light on fire.

Utilizing the DynaVap Dry Herb Vaporizer

Enjoying a potent hit from your DynaVap is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Remove the cap and pack the bowl with ground up flower.

2. Heat your DynaVap vaporizer evenly with a small torch until you hear the unique click.

3. Inhale, exhale, and enjoy. Wait to hear the click again signaling your device is cool and repeat.

Depending on the quality of the cannabis you’re using, you should get a few hits each time. I find I get an average of 2 to 3 hits off of each packed bowl, allowing the device to cool down in between hits. Once you hear the first click you have to wait to hear the second click letting you know it is cool before applying heat to it again. There are also induction heaters available that can precisely and evenly heat your DynaVap product for optimal performance!

I will admit that I was curious as to whether or not I would actually be able to hear the clicking sound that lets you know the device is ready to hit. The answer to that is yes you can. I could hear the click even in noisy environments such as my home that has kids screaming in the background, TVs going all the time, dogs barking, cars driving by and planes flying overhead. I also turned music up extremely loud in a room. I knew I would not be able to hear the click but wanted to see if I could feel it, which I was able to.

Since discovering this thing, I have shown it to a few of my close friends who have already ordered theirs. I personally recommend this product and believe that you will be very impressed by it as well. Its performance is superb. When it comes to a medical cannabis device, this is one that provides consistent efficiency. Not only does it provide a healthier alternative to smoking because of the lack of combusted material, but it also conserves medicine for patients.

Worth Every Penny

As I said, this thing is worth its weight in gold. The fact that it produces the effects that it does is simply amazing, making it worth every penny. When you factor in how much money you can save with this device, it will make you want one even more. Just imagine if you could smoke one bowl and get more effects than smoking an entire joint. Imagine vaping one bowl of flower and being happy with the results instead of doing a dab. 

I love the way a dab makes me feel but don’t necessarily love the way I feel right after doing a dab. Sometimes the coughing fits outweigh the benefits. Coughing for 10 minutes, barely being able to breathe, drooling and snotting up on top of getting hot and sweaty just don’t seem like my cup of tea these days. The DynaVap, surprisingly, did make me cough, but it was smooth and ended quickly. I didn’t get all hot and sweaty, drooly and snotty, but I did get stoned. 

My advice to you if you’re considering purchasing one of these is do it now. Don’t delay another day or wait another second. This is quite possibly the best cannabis smoking accessory I have ever tried in my lifetime. Before this, the only way I could’ve achieved a buzz even remotely similar to the DynaVap was by busting a lung using a gravity bong.  

DynaVap offers a wide variety of different products to meet the needs and budgets of every cannabis connoisseur. I believe that no matter what DynaVap product you purchase, you’ll be more than happy with it. Check out the selection by DynaVap here. 

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