Waxmaid Crystor S Transparent Silicone Water Pipe Review

Waxmaidstore.com had just the silicone bong/rig we’ve been looking for! Here at CannaLance, we love our ganja. We are medical cannabis patients in the state of Oklahoma, aka Smoklahoma. This means backyard bongs go hand in hand with bonfires and barbecues. Last summer, we ended up losing two of our nice pieces. Both of them met their demise, falling on the ground, hitting rocks, or clipping the table on their way down. One was a Renegade beaker bong, and the other was a Rio Stache. That’s just a little over $300 worth of glass that crashed last summer. We have since then replaced both of these. After a few days of looking for the perfect bong, we ran across Waxmaid.

This summer, we didn’t want that to be an issue again, so we decided to get a good outdoor bong/rig. We opted for silicone as it is rather tough to break outdoors. So, the hunt began. As we started scrolling through the availability of silicone pipes available, we discovered that a lot of them were not transparent. In fact, most of them weren’t. We’re starting to get up there in our years, and the lungs can’t quite handle the giant bong rips they used to. For this reason, we enjoy clear pipes so that we are able to tell the intensity of the hit we’re taking.

The perfect bong for us could also be used as a dab rig. We’re not big fans of metal bowls and prefer the flavor of glass. A lot of the silicone bongs we had looked at supported the feature of glass bowls which was really cool. Finally, after countless hours of looking at silicone bongs and rigs Waxmaid, caught our attention with their 12-in Crystor S Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe with Ice Catcher. This looked like it was exactly what we were after, and it was only $69.99!

CannaLance Waxmaid Review
Waxmaid Cystor S Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe with Magnet Holder and Waxmaid Rose Bowl

12-in Crystor S Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Water Pipe

Sometimes an ice-cold bong rip is just the thing you need on a summer day. This bong gives you the ability to deliver just that. The dual percolator design also helps to cool your hits down, making them smoother on the throat and lungs. The Crystor S is constructed using platinum cured silicone. This type of silicone is different from a regular silicone product as they are often certified as skin safe or food safe to be used in culinary applications or for orthotic and prosthetic devices.

The Crystor S is certified food safe. This means it was not constructed using petroleum-based material, BPS, BPA, or fillers. This makes this bong tough enough to withstand a freezer, an oven, a microwave, or even a dishwasher though you really wouldn’t want to put it in any of them. Especially not the microwave because it has a magnetic piece on the down stem to hold your lighter or dab tool. This bong also has a wide base bottom that suctions to smooth surfaces such as most tables and countertops. This means if you accidentally bump into it, you’re good. Another feature we really liked was the curved shower head stem you hit from. The angle of its curvature made the Crystor S an exceptionally easy-to-hit bong.

Waxmaid Crystor S is Durable and Easy to Clean

When it comes time to clean this bad boy, cleanup is simple. All the parts come out extremely easy. If you’re a super lazy stoner, you can just throw it in the dishwasher. However, this might leave your first couple hits tasting a little soapy. You can freeze it and squeeze it to bust the resin loose, followed by a hot water rinse. You can also boil it or use hot water and a bottle brush. We noticed that ours cleaned up really easy after a week of use. We used it at least three times a day. We cleaned ours using hot water and a bottle brush in a matter of just a few minutes. With almost all bongs, you expect a little bit of a bong smell to remain after it is clean. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first hit of some tasty bud after cleaning our Crystor S, everything was delicious and tasted as it should.

The only thing that’s breakable on this bong is your flower bowl or banger and the glass insert at the tip of the downspout. The glass insert is protected by silicone and exceptionally durable. You would have to be extremely rough or unfortunate for either of these pieces to break. We were ecstatic to find a Waxmaid Rose Bowl that matched this piece perfectly at our local headshop which basically eliminates the risk of breaking entirely!

Waxmaid Rose Bowl

Waxmaid and Sezzle are the Perfect Pair

If you’re looking for an amazing new water pipe bong or one of many other smoking accessories, we highly recommend you check out waxmaidstore.com. Here you’ll find a great selection of smoking accessories along with payment options like Sezzle, where you can pick up a bong like this one for four interest-free payments of $17.50 each.

Our order was easy to make. Accurate tracking was provided, and our order was delivered exceptionally fast. After a week of use, this bong lived up to the high expectations we had set forth for it. If you’re not familiar with Sezzle, and you’re a financially challenged stoner like us, we suggest you visit their website, download the app, and give it a try. It allows you to break up a purchase into four interest-free payments spread out two weeks apart. We’ve used the app to make over a dozen purchases so far and have absolutely loved each and every one of them! The fact that Waxmaid offers this payment option is 100% lit!

CannaLance Waxmaid Pipe Review
Waxmaid Crystor S Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Pipe Turned Dab Rig with 14mm Quartz Banger

Highly Recommended by CannaLance

If you’re looking for an incredible silicone dab rig/water bong, the Waxmaid 12-in Crystor S Transparent Silicone Double Percolator Pipe with Ice Catcher comes highly recommended by us here at CannaLance. The only thing left for us to do with our new pipe is to think of what we are going to name it. If you’re ready to get your own 12-in Crystor S, or you’re just looking to score some new smoking accessories, we suggest you visit waxmaidstore.com!

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