Beautiful Burns: Cones Worth Writing Home About

Beautiful Burns by Elephant Brands Rolling Papers are exceptional and we have a little story to tell you about these sensational cones. When we sit back to smoke a joint, we enjoy an unbleached Zig-Zag hemp paper as our preferred paper to smoke from. We’re not big on flavored papers or any of the novelty papers/cones that you find these days either. That all changed, though, when we discovered Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers.

We like our weed to taste like weed, and for that weed to taste good. We grow our own, and when we do buy from local dispensaries, it’s always top shelf. As you can imagine, we don’t like to ruin our weed with wraps or cones that don’t burn worth a dam or taste like paper.

It wasn’t long ago we attended a local cannabis event, and thought for some reason, that it’d be cool to have some special doobies to blaze while we were there. We were at a dispensary and saw some cones that looked like a $100 bill. In a poor spur-of-the-moment judgment call, we bought them.

$100s Wasted on Not So Beautiful Burns

That night while we were at our hotel, we decided to prepare our doobs for tomorrow’s event. We packed 6 of those cool-looking hundred-dollar bill cones with some top-of-the-top, top-shelf that set us back a ridiculous $125 a quarter.

Let’s just say they left a bad taste in our mouth for novelty papers. They were made of what felt and burnt like notebook paper and printed with who knows what kind of ink. Whatever it was, it ruined our weed.

These cones burned harsh, hot, and fast. We almost unpacked what we had, but it was so hot out, it was almost impossible to roll a doobie due to the moisture in the air unless you had access to one of the air-conditioned RV’s at the event. We suffered our doobies down, and both swore that was the end of novelty papers or cones of any kind.

But then it happened again. We needed to pick up a pair of torches to go with our DynaVaps. So, we rolled over to Vapor Maven here in town to grab them. We picked out our torches and went to the register to pay when something beautiful happened. We discovered Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers.

Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers Are Lit

When we walked up to the register, we saw some really colorful cones that caught our eye. We started to say no, remembering our last experience, when the lady at the register looked at us and asked, “Have you tried these yet? They are so good!” We proceeded to tell her we were weed snobs and didn’t like thick funky tasting papers. Her personal review of them prompted us to give them a try.

Our first pack of Beautiful Burns was almost rainbow-like in color. They are crafted using very thin paper, presumably rice paper, judging by the quality of the burn. Instead of using regular printing ink for the designs, they used plant-based oil that didn’t produce any funny flavor or cause the cones to burn strangely.

The filter tip has a foil wrap around it, giving each Beautiful Burn a beautiful look too. We packed up our first Beautiful Burns up with some premium homegrown Chem Cookies that were absolutely Divine! This cone burned beautifully! It tasted amazing and the vivid color made for an extra pleasing aesthetic experience.

Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers come in a wide variety of colorful designs like:

Sunflower Salutation

China Blue

Unicorn Dreams

Black Betty


Green Kraken

Tiffany Tiger

And more…

Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers Add Class to Your Stash

These are not your everyday drivers when it comes to cones unless you don’t smoke a lot or you have an unlimited budget. A pack of the beautiful cones containing six cones will set you back between $10-$15 depending on where you choose to purchase them. But a pack a week here and there will give you an extra dash of class to your stash. The best selection is from the source and Amazon.

We like to pack up a Sunflower Salutation or Unicorn Dreams cone on dreary grey days to add a little color to them. The China Blue cones go great with our Calamity Ware coffee cups which are typically filled with Black Rifle Coffee, making for the perfect pairing of coffee and cannabis and a beautiful wake and bake!

Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers are lit! But are they worth it? We think so. They are great for parties, celebrations, special occasions, festivals, or just to brighten up your day. They have a design for everyone. From solid black to a rainbow of colors and patterns, you are sure to find something beautiful to burn with Beautiful Burns and Elephant Rolling Papers!

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