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4/20 is a day of celebration for cannabis consumers and patients alike. Since the legend and tradition of 420 began decades ago with the story of the 420 Waldos, on a daily basis when the clock strikes 4:20 and each year on April the 20th, cannabis consumers have celebrated all the plant has to offer in various ways. 

Today as legalization has begun to sweep the globe, cannabis is starting to “legally” find its righteous place within society once again. This calls for much celebration as there are now millions of individuals in the United States alone that live in places where they can access cannabinoid therapies legally. Unfortunately, there are still millions that do not, and 4/20 should not only be a day of celebration but also of reflection on the work that is still ahead of us to truly free the leaf. 

We invite you this 4/20 to make your voice heard. If you live where cannabis is legal, may you never forget about those that do not and still fear for their freedom for consuming and possessing a plant. Take a moment to write a letter, make a quick phone call, or email state, and federal representatives in those areas and politely ask that their attention is called to reforming cannabis laws for the better once and for all. 

While many of us are thankful to now live where we can visit a dispensary and purchase a wide variety of different cannabis products, if you’ve ever been to a dispensary, you know that it isn’t always the cheapest to medicate, just like it isn’t in a black market. 4/20 is one of those rare occasions in which you can find massive amounts of deals at dispensaries across the United States on various products. 

A simple “420 deals in my area” Google search should bring you some info regarding what dispensaries are offering specials on this day of celebration in your area. If you happen to live in Northeast Oklahoma or are an Oklahoma medical cannabis cardholder and feel up for a little day trip to save some green on your green, perhaps you should check out these deals in or near Miami, Oklahoma.

Getting Full Tilt with Full Tilt this 4/20

Full Tilt is a new name in the game in this area, but over the last few months since opening their doors in Grove, they have also opened a dispensary in Vinita with plans to open another in Miami soon. Full Tilt keeps the patients in mind offering great deals on cannabis extracts and budget ounces of quality buds on a daily basis. This 4/20, however, they are blowing it out of the park with their 420 deals! You can pick up an entire ounce of Tasties concentrates for only $175 out the door. The only catch is you only get a single strain, but if you know what quality dabs cost, at this price, you won’t have a complaint.

Full Tilt is also offering a mix-and-match choose your own 28g of dabs for $225 out the door for those that prefer a little variety. They also have several strains of quality flower available for $85! They’re also running some great deals on edibles, accessories, and more. Be sure to get your raffle tickets to be entered to win their amazing 420 giveaway as well! If you happen to stop in, tell them CannaLance sent you.

These Deals Only Happen When Pigs Fly

Flying Pig dispensary, the first dispensary to open its doors in Miami, will also be having deals throughout the day. Throughout the day on 4/20/21, the Flying Pig dispensary will be offering deals on prerolls as well as a different deal each hour on other products throughout the store. This 4/20, head on in and see what kind of amazing deals you can get your hands on while time and supplies last!

Harvesting Deals at the Homestead

Homestead Harvest, located just down the road from the turnpike in Miami, Oklahoma, is offering $15 grams of dabs, 1 gram pre-rolls for just $4 out the door, and a special on Oil Tycoon, Head Of Honey, Swerve Extracts, and Rare Extracts live resin. Additional deals will be running throughout the day Tuesday, and I even heard the rumor that there may be vendors on-site!

Wellness is Forever Green with Evergreen Wellness 

Evergreen Wellness which has locations in both Miami and Fairland, will be offering concentrates starting at $25 a gram and prerolls for $4.20! They are also offering deals on whole flower ounces starting at $55 an ounce, and if you spend $100 or more, you are automatically entered into a drawing for a Fishing Trip giveaway on Grand Lake!

These deals are only valid until the close of business on 4/20/21. If you happen to stop by any of these establishments to take advantage of these deals, let them know you heard about them from James and Ashley at CannaLance!

Happy 4/20, Buds!

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