Unconditional Love Trip 2018 Day 2: The Pizza Party

Day two of the Unconditional Love Trip with Seth Green and Lisa High started out like many other days for Lisa. She awoke to pain and PTSD. Pain and PTSD that was quickly put to rest thanks to cannabis. Seth had a great start to his day. Instead of waking up and having to take a half milligram Valium he woke up feeling great. He was able to wake up and take cannabis oil followed up by a morning joint and dab.

After medicating, both Granny and Seth oiled their limbs with the Hope Grows Foundations Holy Anointing Oil. We all munched a little breakfast and spent a short time doing our morning routines. Now to see the beauty of cannabis and unconditional love we’re getting ready to venture out on a trip to Walsenburg Colorado to visit a friend.

Barb Johnson, the owner of Walsenburg Pizza, is a fantastic friend and cannabis activist.
She’s part of an upcoming show that’s in the works called 3 Grams of Cannabis. What will the day hold? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that it won’t be a day inside staring at the world through the eyes of the internet. Today is a day that we will be part of the world. We are on a mission to share unconditional love, smiles, and hugs.


TGIF is Best With Buds

The day found us traveling across Colorado Springs out to Walsenburg to Walsenburg Pizza. We stopped and shared smiles and stories along the way. We found time to cut up in the truck. We also made the time to stop by the Spot 420 and get our pictures taken by the awesome mural on the back of the building. Next, it was off to Marisol Gardens to get some cannabis inhalers.


For the next few days when they feel an anxiety attack coming on both Lisa and Seth can turn to a quick few puffs off of an inhaler which is much better than the alternative. After leaving Marisol we stopped by one of my favorite dispensaries, Doctor’s Orders Stem Beach, just south of Pueblo off of I-25. You can’t miss the place, it has a green dinosaur on top of the building.

We finally ended up at Barb’s for pizza. Walsenburg Pizza is the place to go for fresh dough. All the ingredients are fresh, and the service is on point. Drinks are served in mason jars, and as little waste as possible goes out of this pizza joint. You’re encouraged to bring your own containers for to-go orders and the to go cups for sauce are made from vegetables. It’s 7 at night, and we’re still out in public living life.


Freedom Feels Amazing

We sat and had pizza and enjoyed the company of a full house at Walsenburg Pizza. Before we knew it the night was winding down, and it was almost closing time. We said goodbye to Barb exchanged hugs and loaded up in the truck to head back to Colorado Springs.

What usually is a day packed with pain, anxiety, and PTSD was replaced with happiness and joy. The cannabis had worked beautifully. As the day progressed, it seemed as if Lisa and Seth were high on life. Smiles and laughter were abundant.

It was 10 at night by the time we made it home. By the time we got settled, we were all ready for bed. A day full of unconditional love and living life can sure leave you ready for a good night sleep. We smoked a joint, did a dab, ate an edible, took some oil, and oiled up with Holy Anointing oil and called it a night. Tomorrow is a new day with more unconditional love and massages on the way.

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