Unconditional Love Trip 2018 – Day 1

Lisa High, Seth Green, and James Priest

The drive was long, very long. We traveled from around noon till midnight. 12 hours in a car for medical patients like Seth and Granny is not the same as trips for most people. There are more stops for stretching and bathroom breaks. But after a long day and night of driving, we made it to Colorado.

Waking up here it was cold and dry compared to the damp, humid air in Kansas and Tennessee. The first sign of unconditional love was first thing in the morning when I saw Granny and Seth sharing a little heater together. They both started their day with a healthy dose of cannabis oil from The Hope Grows Foundation. A long drive like that leaves you feeling tired and beat down.

Add being a medical patient with scar tissue, PTSD, and seizure disorders just to name a few conditions to the list and that day becomes even more exhausting. Even with all the pain, anxiety, and discomfort, they both have, they wear smile in knowing that today, they won’t hurt. They won’t fight anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, or depression with only a prescription bottle to turn to.

Medical Cannabis Has Their Back in Colorado

After a dab and smoking a morning doobie “LEGALLY,” it was time to get some medicine for the next few days. What will the following days hold? Nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that it won’t revolve around sitting inside in a room all day or having to medicate with dangerous prescription drugs to function.

Seth Green has a plethora of natural plant medicine options to heal with in Colorado. From topical lotions and transdermal creams to tinctures, bath bombs, cannabis concentrates, edibles, and more, cannabis gets the job done where prescription drugs don’t.

The prescription drugs that do work leave patients like Seth and Granny feeling dull and void of that spark of life. Many of these drugs affect the GABA production in the body. GABA helps to influence your mood, appetite, sleep habits and more. Today is not a prescription day, it’s a redemption day. Medical cannabis has their back in Colorado.


Making the World A Better Place One Smile at A Time

Sadness, pain, depression, and anxiety effect so many people today. A simple smile can change the day turning it around for someone. Granny and Seth are both facilitating smiles today in person. They will be handing them out all day long today. With those smiles also come hugs.

From the random traveler asking for food or change, to the people you come in contact with each day in life, you have the power to make their day a better one. When people are filled with this much love, it’s a shame to dampen and dull that love with prescription drugs.

Share hugs, smiles and pass a compliment today. If you’re in Colorado Springs today, you may just catch one of those smiles or a hug from Granny or Seth coming your way. Every day isn’t a perfect day, but every day in Colorado is a better one than it is back home for both Granny and Seth.

Seth and Granny 2
Cannabis Advocates and Patients Lisa High and Seth Green

Bad Laws Hurt Good People

Bad laws hurt good people. Thousands of lives are ruined each year in America over people medicating with a safe and natural plant. Meanwhile, our political leaders turn a blind eye to the citizens of our nation. It’s time as a people that we stand united in support of the human right to choose how to treat their body. Medicine today is often forced. It’s sad.

Cannabis didn’t cure Lisa or Seth, it offered them both a higher quality of life. It’s sad that they can’t feel as good as they do today, every day. Cannabis is still against the law in draconian states like Kansas and Tennessee. Even as Kansas faces a 3-billion-dollar shortfall on their budget, politicians there would rather turn to gambling, alcohol, and tax hikes rather than access the millions of dollars cannabis could generate.

Tennessee seems ok with being an opioid addiction capital. Free Suboxone and methadone (well taxpayers pay for it) to go with cheap booze and cigarette prices. Way to go Volunteer state. Your open support of alcohol combined with the abundance of methadone clinics facilitates domestic violence, sickness, and turmoil. The Midwest and the southeastern United States need to get with the times, this isn’t the civil war era, we are a united country that these states are keeping divided.

Wouldn’t America be a better place if everybody experienced and shared a little unconditional love? Patients like Lisa High, Seth Green, and others deserve to live as free in their home state as they do when they travel elsewhere in America. The only way to make that happen is by sharing and caring. Love conquers all.

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