Unconditional Love Trip 2018 Day 3

Mary’s Medicinal pain patches were miraculous for Seth. Saturday morning started off with massages by Yvonne of Feel the Knead. Seth went first taking a 90-minute healing massage. The panic of meeting someone new was replaced by a calming from cannabis. After a few moments of talking with Yvonne, Seth’s mind was at rest. While Seth laid on the table to heal, Granny and I ventured out to some chores.

Granny is often gripped with panic attacks and PTSD. Top that with chronic pain and irregular bowels and it can leave you confined to home. Not today though. Granny had her oil and some Jilly to get her silly and off we went to run errands. The bank, gas, grass, and coffee were all accomplished with the greatest of ease.

Remember Mary’s Medicinal pain patches I started out talking about? We went by Native Roots on Tejon Street and picked up a few more for Seth.mind you this is driving around on a Saturday morning on the last beautiful day before a snow storm moves into the Colorado Springs area on Sunday. There was no anxiety, and the pain was minimum making the day go smooth. After completing our chores, we headed back to the house so that Granny could take her massage.

Seth was smiling from ear to ear when we returned. I traded Granny for Seth and off we went. We had an hour and a half to kill. Now, what to do on a budget to have fun? Keep in mind that this trip is about sharing smiles and love. We headed off to McDonald’s (Seth’s favorite place) and grabbed a round of McMuffins. Then it was off to find something else to do while Granny was getting her healing massage.

We just so happened to see a Goodwill store. So we stopped. When your financially challenged these places aren’t only good for deals, you can have fun too! We shopped around looking to see what kind of treasures we could find. Both of us scored some shirts. I found a wild blanket and a classic Halloween mask. All for $12! Next, it was off to visit Toke-A-Lot. This is the only place in the area I know that you can score some ganja or edibles. Seth bought a doobie legally. Something about that just feels right.

Now all three of us are rolling around Colorado Springs together. Granny and Seth are in high spirits after getting their massages. Witnessing the two of them moving about comfortably and without panic and anxiety attacks truly helps demonstrate the power of cannabis. This Saturday is an exceptionally busy one. Tomorrow a big snow storm is moving into Colorado. We have to hit the store and get some supplies so that we don’t have to run around anywhere during the storm.

We stopped by Tree of Wellness to pick up some cannabis-infused butter. This just sounds like it would be the missing ingredient for a jalapeno cheddar cornbread to go with our pot of chili we plan on making to help stay warm during the cold snap on Sunday. By this time we were in the thick of five traffic which is enough to make even me feel bajiggity. We still had to go to Walmart which is in my book the worst.

Walmart looked like it was giving away free groceries or something. Everybody in Colorado Springs was there stocking up before the storm. With snow coming in on Sunday and temperatures dropping down into the teens and twenties nobody wants to venture out unless they have to. The store was so busy, and it had been a while since anyone had medicated.

For the first time of the day anxiety and panic started to creep up. What was truly beautiful though was nobody had to take Valiums or Ativan. The thought and comfort of knowing you could safely and legally medicate at home were enough to keep those all too familiar feelings at bay. We made it through Walmart and managed to get ourselves home for the night. When we got back it was time to dab, eat an edible, take some cannabis oil and rub holy anointing oil on our hands and knees.


It was a great sight to see the two of them out in all that hustle and bustle. Both Seth and Granny managed to get out and live life in a fast-paced world without having a meltdown. Cannabis helps heal people in all kinds of ways. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, and sometimes it’s a little bit of both. It would seem that more and more one of the side effects of cannabis is happiness, smiles, hugs, and unconditional love.

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  1. This is so true I soon will be joining these two great story thanks Brandy aka #SOLOUBerB transportation

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