Award Winning Cannabis Strains from Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice Part 2

Mr. Nice’s Shit


This delectable strain of Mary Jane is a cross between Skunk and Afghani that is a hit with all cannabis connoisseurs. Winning numerous awards Mr. Nice Shit pleases growers everywhere. The Shit is a little harder to grow than other strains of marijuana but for anyone who grows the Shit, the reward is grand. With immaculate buds that will harvest you 650 grams per m2 packed full of sparkly trichomes, the compensation becomes apparent. Mr. Nice Shit has an expected flowering time estimated at 40 to 50 days and grows extremely well in a greenhouse or indoor environments. Mr. Nice’s Shit has a strong smell from its Skunk genetics as well as a sweet, earthy, forest-like flavor from its Indica Afghani side.


Mr. Nice Shit is the $h*T

This harmonious blend of yin and yang creates the best of both worlds allowing for Mr. Nice Shit to be an exquisite medical cannabis. Stress, depression, and anxiety have met their match as well as appetite loss and insomnia. When utilized for its medicinal properties, Mr. Nice’s Shit helps many to find relief from these common ailments. Mr. Nice Shit may be just the thing you need if you are one of the millions that suffer from these common medical issues. The recreational attributes associated with Mr. Nice’s Shit are the Shizznit! Mr. Nice Shit is known to have a cerebral, uplifting and electrifying high that carries one well throughout the day. On another note if you are sitting back on the couch with the lights down low, late at night, watching a movie, Mr. Nice Shit is known to relax you giving you couch lock with an extraordinary case of the munchies. Reports of THC counts range as high as 26%. Mr. Nice Shit is the perfect ganja whether you are looking for recreational cannabis or medicinal marijuana.

Mr. Nice’s Critical Mass

critical mass 1

If the situation is critical and you need mass amounts of weed then perhaps you should consider growing Mr. Nice Critical Mass. Mr. Nice Critical Mass is an immaculate Indica strain of cannabis. It is a blend of an Afghani Indica and a hybrid Skunk#1. Mr. Nice Critical Mass has an average flowering time of approximately 50 days with beautiful yields ranging between five to six hundred grams/m2. Mr. Nice Critical Mass is a fun to grow cannabis for growers that are new to growing as well as growers that know nothing else. Mr. Nice Critical Mass is a vigorous plant that is resilient to common issues associated with growing cannabis. Mr. Nice Critical Mass produces both high THC counts of 22% and better not to mention high yields of 650 to 750 grams/m2 come harvest time with the potential for even more depending on the experience level of the grower.


critical mass 2

Don’t Let the Sticky Get to Sticky

However with these enormous buds they can become susceptible to mildews if the humidity is too high. For this reason harvesting on time is important when growing Mr. Nice Critical Mass. Mr. Nice Critical Mass is known for its laid back in mellow effect. It is an excellent way to wind down after a day at work watching the sunset or sipping some warm tea on a cold night. Mr. Nice Critical Mass may also help you if insomnia is your enemy. The sweet citrus flavored and earthy after finish of Mr. Nice Critical Mass pleases pallets of cannabis connoisseurs around the world on a continual basis. Winning numerous awards Mr. Nice Critical Mass is a cannabis strain known everywhere. With a happy, euphoric high, leaving your body relaxed, your spirits uplifted, and overall for many what leads to a nice sleepy feeling. Mr. Nice Critical Mass is the perfect thing to help you get to sleep at night for some while for others Mr. Nice Critical Mass is the perfect marijuana strain to get you through your day.


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