Award Winning Cannabis Strains from Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice Part 1

Mr. Nice Mango Haze

mango haze

Mr. Nice Mango Haze comes from a legendary cannabis strains. NL 5, Skunk, and Haze make up the genetics of Mr. Nice Mango Haze. Haze, of course, being the notorious strain of cannabis that sprung out of California in the sixties and seventies along with Skunk Bud. The Haze Brothers were famous for the Haze strain of marijuana which came in four phenotypes in the 1960’s and through the 1970’s. One of those remarkable phenotypes was the notorious Purple Haze. Mr. Nice Mango Haze combines the rich history of Haze along with the history of Skunk bringing together two delectable strains of marijuana into one beautiful blend. Mr. Nice Mango Haze has a long flowering time of 8 to 11 weeks. However like with any Haze, the reward of the fruits of your labor is noteworthy of a king. The mango is evident in the flavor with Mr. Nice Mango Haze having a sweet tropical island flavor with a mango finish. Yields at harvest time come in at 450 to 550 grams/m2.


 Haze for Days with Yields Like That

An electrifying and creative high is found with Mr. Nice Mango Haze. It is a great cannabis strain to get you up and going for the day whether you are hiking or need to accomplish an important list of chores. Medically you may find great relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. Mr. Nice Mango Haze is sure to be a favorite of anyone who takes the time to grow this amazing cannabis strain. Easy to grow it is an excellent choice for first-time growers or due to its ease and high THC counts combined with exceptional yields is great for an experienced cultivator who can improve the yield and THC counts with technique. Mr. Nice Mango Haze is an all-around crowd pleaser in the cannabis community. Fun to grow and even more enjoyable to smoke on Mr. Nice Mango Haze.


Mr. Nice Black Widow


Mr. Nice Black Widow is a classic award winning strain of cannabis that is a blend of old school genetics. Utilizing a South Indian Indica and a Brazilian sativa cannabis breeder Shantibaba has created a complex and immaculate strain of marijuana. Mr. Nice Black Widow has been winning High Times Cannabis Cup awards since 1995. Mr. Nice Black Widow has a long flowering time compared to some strains of cannabis. Approximately ten weeks in order for the flowering process to be complete however the resin production in the buds is worth the wait. Extremely high THC counts coming in at 23% or better with sweet yields of 450 to 550 grams / m2 growers both new and old alike can enjoy the benefits and fruits of this beautiful marijuana plant. With sticky buds full of trichomes the Mr. Nice Black Widow strain is beautiful as well as known to give many an extreme case of the giggles. You will feel a smiley, euphoric high that is electrifying and uplifting, while relaxing at the same time. Before you know it you will be sitting back relaxed, and feel couch lock start to set in.


A Buzz So strong It’ll Creep up on you like a Black Widow Spider

Mr. Nice Black Widow is known for its berry flavored, woody tone, with an earthy scent. If anxiety and stress are factors that you are looking for help with then Mr. Nice Black Widow may be just the strain for you. Many people who utilize Mr. Nice Black Widow for its medicinal attributes also find great relief from pain, depression, and insomnia as well. Lack of appetite will not be an issue with this cannabis strain as you will get the munchies. As with all great strains of cannabis one of the only downside to Mr. Nice Black Widow is dry mouth and red eyes. But that’s not so bad just keep water on hand and maybe some Visine. When you’re looking to grow some amazingly easy and fun to grow marijuana try growing Mr. Nice Black Widow.

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