Alaskerdam the Next Potential Cannabis Capital of America

Citizens of the state of Alaska have voted for the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana. This vote was successful and passed making Alaska the third state in the United States of America to allow for both recreational and medicinal marijuana consumption. Alaska’s marijuana control board just made some alterations to the term “in public” that appeared in the original amendment that was signed into law. This alteration to the phrasing of the law would allow for certain pot shops to allow for consumption of marijuana on-premises. It would make these pot shops much like the pot cafes of Amsterdam. When Alaskans voted on the initiative to legalize marijuana the wording did not clearly define the word “public”. With this now clearer the potential for the tourism industry to increase in Alaska is substantial. Take for example the amount of retirees that are no longer retiring to Florida and Texas the famous Sunshine States.

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Retirees are Finding That the Grass Is Greener Elsewhere

Instead, these retirees are flocking to Colorado, Washington and Oregon. States that have incomes that depend on these retirees spending their golden years of retirement in their states will have to change their laws or else they will be damaging the businesses of tens of thousands who depend on this income. Alaska does not have any active marijuana dispensaries as of yet. The applications will not start being accepted until February of 2016. Licenses are not expected to be handed out until sometime in May. A final review must pass the Alaska regulations and undergo a complete legal review that will be performed by Alaska’s Department of Law. Once all this is done and marijuana dispensaries are open, Alaska will forever change. Many may then know it by the name we have chosen for it Alaskerdam!


A New Way to Produce Oil for Alaska, Cannabis Oil

Alaskerdam could stand to bring in between 5 to 19 million dollars a year in marijuana sales alone according to certain projections. These projections could, however, in fact, be way off as they are only based on Alaskan residents. These projections do not take into consideration the amount of tourism that will influx into Alaska nor a number of ancillary sales related to the cannabis industry that will be born. Also, the medicinal oil called CBD that comes from marijuana is a major cash source also not figured in. Cannabis Oil could stand to produce more than crude oil without the environmental impact. Alaska has always been a haven for nature and an untouched gem for wildlife conservationist and lovers around the world. Those in the cannabis culture are most often outdoors enthusiast and nature lovers. The presence of the cannabis industry in the state of Alaska will help to preserve this beautiful landscape for generations to come.

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