The Fight Continues

2016 will mark 20 years since the beginning of California’s medical marijuana program. Since then many other states have also legalized medicinal use of marijuana. It gets even better. A select few have also voted to allow responsible and regulated use by adults age 21and older. This is definitely something to celebrate!! There is much more work that must be done though.

Some of the Injustices

• Over 1/2 of the United States does not have a medical marijuana program. That means that half of the people in the country can find relief to major medical symptoms while the other half can’t.
• Jail time is still mandatory for possession of less than 1 oz. in many states. I guess hungry happy people are worth wasting tax payers money on.
• Many states who offer medical marijuana programs do not provide state licensed dispensaries for patients. This means they have to buy on the black market or obtain seeds and grow their own.

These are just a few of the many fights that must still be fought. It is our responsibility to take action and to speak up for these individuals and these issues. It was just a short time ago that it was illegal to toke everywhere and we are starting to see progress. We have come a long way since Jack Herer began drafting his initiative in the 70s. The important thing is that we must keep the momentum going and not stop until the prohibition on marijuana comes to a complete end across the United States.

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