Fired for Working The Man’s Evil Plan

This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. With proof that medical marijuana works where the drug industry doesn’t. Its ashamed to see that America is ran by rich racist privileged men and women! Colorado’s Supreme just ruled that a medical marijuana patient that failed a drug test and was fired cannot have his job back! If he was taking the pharmaceutical industries synthetic Heron aka Oxy Cotton he would be just fine. Except he would have the same health problems and would be to high to function, BUT THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT.

The Political Pusher Man

Politicans seem to want A drugged America. One that is sick and can barely afford health care. This before they sell our Country out from underneath us after they have taken it for all they can. Let’s stop this! We have to pull together and make a change. Race is not just about color it is about divided people and singling them out! If this keeps happening we will see another civil war in this country only it will not be about the color of skin. It will be a nation divided by poor people of all colors catering to the privileged of all colors. When any one set of people have too much control we the people have to exercise our freedom to stop this. It is the only way to protect what so many have died to reserve.

Truly a Sad Day

Attorney Michael Evans listened to his client Brandon Coats discuss the Colorado Court of Appeals ruling that kept him from getting his job back after failing a drug test for marijuana. Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic who was fired by Dish Network after failing a drug test in 2010. So let’s make him take drugs that will kill him and live off of tax payer’s money till his painful demise is what the courts are saying in my book. THIS MAN WANTS TO WORK AND WAS UNTIL THIS! No let’s support the lazy welfare generation instead. They can dip nicely into all that money! This is disgusting and must stop. Contact local offices and tell them you will vote them out if they do not change their privileged ways!

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