January 20, 2021 For Immediate Release Contact:media@norml.org Cannabis Use Associated with Reduced Alcohol Intake Among Treatment-Seeking Drinkers Cannabis use is associated with a decrease in the amount of alcohol consumed by individuals seeking alcohol treatment, according to data published this week in the journal Addiction. Commenting on the study’s findings, NORML Deputy DirectorContinue Reading

Homestead Harvest medical cannabis dispensary located at 1421 E Steve Owens BLVD in Miami Oklahoma has some absolute fire. It just might be the best weed you’ll find locally. We have become fans of their flower and wanted to share this find with you. The folks at Homestead Harvest alwaysContinue Reading

Are you clumsy? Perhaps, you’re forgetful. Have you ever experienced the aggravation of dropping your bowl and breaking it? Maybe went to sit it on a table and missed it. Or, you sat it in your lap and stood up, forgetting it was there. In any case, chances are, atContinue Reading

Receives Funding From Nextfifty Initiative for Hotline DENVER, DECEMBER 5, 2020 –NextFifty Initiative has awarded Leaf 411 funding towards operationalcosts of their hotline, specifically salary for nurses tending the line. These efforts help NextFifty Initiativeimprove the lives of older adults and elevates the discussion of cannabis through the thoughtful andrelatableContinue Reading

The holidays are upon us and this year we would like to share with you some of the most elevated deals happening in the cannabis space! Whether you are looking for skin care products, hemp flower, or cannabis accessories, we have you covered! Check out the growing list of cannaContinue Reading