Evergreen Storage Solution – Unique Reusable Herbal Storage Option

Cannabis and Evergreen go hand in hand. That’s because Evergreen offers the “Original Storage Solution” for cannabis. When it comes to keeping cannabis fresh, everyone knows this is important. If you don’t keep your cannabis fresh, it can get stale, dusty, and loses potency along with flavor. 

Throwing your bud in any old storage container is what we used to do back in the day with brick weed or some around-town-brown. These days with high-end nug that can be costly or high-end nug that is cultivated at home, storing it properly can be the difference between having the fire you desire or ending up with a bag of swag. Let’s take a closer look at the Evergreen Storage Solution.

Introducing Evergreen

Evergreen is a family-owned company that offers cannabis consumers a 100% lit and legit way to keep their cannabis fresh. This unique system also works for other herbs but has been optimized for cannabis. The Evergreen Storage Solution consists of an 8 oz glass jar with a silicone sleeve and reusable two-way humidifier. This system has been optimized for herbal material and that becomes quite evident within the first few weeks of use. Unlike humidifier packs that dry up in a few short weeks, the Evergreen Storage Solution system can last for years. At $25, this is an investment that pays for itself within the first few uses. The Evergreen Storage Solution includes the following.

  • Evergreen Storage Solution Glass Jar with Custom Fit Silicone Sleeve (Holds 1 -1.5 Oz Of Bud)
  • Evergreen Pod (Two-Way Humidification Capsule – The Heart of the Evergreen Storage Solution)
  • The Evergreen Traveler (Airtight Keychain Container)
  • Wet Erase Markers (For Labeling Info on Specially Designed Metal Lid)

The Evergreen storage solution system is easy to use and maintain. The two-way humidifier can be easily recharged using drinking water. Evergreen jars are designed to help your buds maintain optimum moisture which in return helps preserve potency and flavor.

Evergreen offers complete instructions and guides on the use of their products on their website. They clearly let you know how to check beads, how to charge the pod, how to fix an overcharged pod, and more, like dried out flower restoration. Evergreen Storage Solution jars are available in cobalt blue, yellow, red, purple, dark green, and bright green. 

The Full Evergreen Top Shelf Lineup

  • Evergreen Storage Solution (Includes Everything Listed Above)
    • Available Individually in Six Different Colors
      • Cobalt Blue
      • Yellow
      • Red
      • Purple
      • Dark Green
      • Bright Green
  • As A Two Pack Gift Box
    • In A Four Jar Variety Pack
  • Evergreen Humidification Pods
    • Available Individually
    • In Packs of Six
  • Replacement Parts
    • Lids
    • Glass Jars
    • Marking Sets
  • Individual Evergreen Travelers (Airtight Keychain Storage)
  • Gift Cards
  • Swag

Storing Weed Can End Up Being Costly

Storage containers for weed can be cool but let’s face it most of them aren’t practical. Some of the most common issues faced with typical storage containers for weed are airy conditions that allow your bud to dry out. When this happens, your hard-earned green goes up in smoke and not in a good way. Because it is dry, it will burn hotter and faster meaning you lose potency, flavor, and money. 

Light is another destroyer of weed. Sadly, when you walk into dispensaries you often see giant jars of bud sitting under excessively bright lights. A little secret, the longer this weed sits in these conditions, the worse it gets. These jars are opened frequently letting a high amount of air exchange occur. Between the air drying out the bud and light degradation, you now understand where that budget weed comes from. It doesn’t have to be that way though. 

By simply blacking out the jar you can help preserve flavor and potency by avoiding light degradation to your bud. The Evergreen Storage Solution jar accomplishes this beautifully with its unique tight fitting silicone sleeve. The sleeve goes from the lid all the way around the jar to the bottom creating a base on which the jar sits. 

This means you can set a storage container jar down a little hard on a glass table and not run the risk of breaking things or making a noise that will make you or someone around you suddenly frightened. Thanks to the silicone sleeve, these jars are easy to get a grip on. They also don’t just slide across a smooth surface thanks to the silicone base. The silicone sleeve does so much more than just block out light. It’s part of what helps make the Evergreen Storage Solution jar so remarkable.

Our Post Harvest Experience with Evergreen Storage Solution

Evergreen Storage Solution jars were what we never knew we needed. We grow at home so that means a lot of mason jars to store our harvest. We keep our mason jars in a large cooler to help avoid exposure to light. There have been times when we have wrapped jars in duct tape, but they quickly end up looking pretty gnarly and unpleasant. 

When we received our Evergreen Storage Solution jars, we loaded them up right away with some good homegrown. 6 weeks went by, and we opened our mason jars regularly to let the fresh air exchange in during the cure. We also did this with the Evergreen Storage Solution jars while making sure to maintain the proper color consistency of the beads located in the humidifier pod at the same time. 

The Evergreen Storage Solution jars by far did a superior job on the cure. The bud from these jars tasted better even though our other jars had humidifier packs and were kept out of light. Hands down we are impressed. The only thing we could ever ask of Evergreen Storage Solution is to make a bigger jar. 

Possibly a cookie jar size version that could be marketed to dispensaries looking to preserve the quality of the product they carry and for home growers looking to do the same. Without a doubt, this is a product that we would highly recommend to any friend. If you’re looking for a cool gift idea this holiday season for the cannabis connoisseur in your life, get them an Evergreen Storage Solution system. Don’t be fooled by cheap knockoff imitations. Get the real deal and help maintain the integrity of your herbal material by visiting the Evergreen website and scoring yourself an Evergreen Storage Solution kit today.

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