420 Releaf – Oklahoma Dispensary Review

420 Releaf offers you relief when quality weed is what you need. More than just quality weed, they have an impeccable selection to offer as well. Their selection doesn’t just stop at flower. It goes on to encapsulate everything that is cannabis. In one stop, you can score grow supplies, smoking, and vaping accessories, and all the cannabis and cannabis products you could want. 

If you need papers, screens, a new pipe, or dab rig, vape pen battery, rolling tray, or other accessories, you can find them here. Their head shop has everything you need and then some. I bet you didn’t know you needed crystals, did you? Everyone needs crystals in their life! 420 Releaf carries a pretty cool selection of crystals in their head shop too!

Their grow supplies are more than just a few bags of Fox Farm soil. They have a complete line of nutrients, propagation trays, plastic planter, and much more! If you want to grow like a pro, they have you covered with the material you need to make this happen.

To make things even cooler, the place has an incredible vibe and is staffed with some chill peeps. The staff at 420 Releaf always makes you feel welcome. The place is filled with friendly faces that are all knowledgeable about the products they offer. There is a wall of nostalgia between the head shop and grow shop, and it goes from the front to the back of the dispensary. On top of all of this, you can also pick up a sack of tasty popcorn to munch on when those munchies kick in. The popcorn comes in a wide variety of flavors and is crunchy and incredible. So far, we have tried peanut butter and watermelon!

Speaking of munchies, they have munchies that will give you them munchies like the sweet, succulent chocolate by Dandy Lion. Not only is this decadent chocolate delicious it’s also aesthetically attractive. When you’re looking for concentrates, they have you covered with some of the best brands in Oklahoma, such as White Moose, Viola, and more. Speaking of concentrates, my absolute favorite cannabis concentrate available on the market can be found here. I’m talking about none other than cannabis concentrate in the form of good old-school hashish.

420 Releaf carries Kong Concentrate Temple ball hash! This stuff is hands down some of the best hash I’ve smoked on the legal market. If you remember old school hash from back in the day, this will take you back. The Papaya Cake temple balls are the only temple balls we have had the pleasure of trying so far. This is the kind of hash you can smoke old school.

  • Take a small piece of cardboard and wrap it in aluminum foil
  • Poke a needle through it
  • Stick a little chunk of hash on the tip of the needle
  • Light it on fire and blow out the flame
  • Once smoking, place a small cup over the setup and allow it to fill with smoke
  • Once filled, slide it to the edge of the table, place your lips to the edge of the glass and inhale! You can also use a bendy straw to make it less awkward!

Of course, you can also pack it in a bowl like most people do!

The flower selection at 420 Releaf is a relief to see. It’s not the same cannabis strains you see in every other dispensary. They have exquisite tasting herb like Garlic Margy, White Truffle, Black Garlic, and more. It just so happens that Friday is the day to save some green on your green if you’re looking to score some weed. They have some absolutely incredible out the door prices on top-shelf ounces.

If you’re looking for another dispensary to try, or perhaps cannabis strains that are different than what you’re used to, head on over to 420 Releaf located at 21 West 3rd Street, Grove, Oklahoma. For more information about the incredible 420 Releaf, be sure to visit their website at 420releaf.com/.

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