Fritz Fire House – Medical Cannabis Dispensary Review

We recently stopped into Fritz Fire House Premium Small Batch Craft Cannabis located in Miami, Oklahoma, during their grand opening to see what they were all about. We truly had a great experience here and believe that you will too. Hannah and Olivia were great budtenders. The environment was warm and welcoming. It had a touch of class, combining woodwork and metal, bringing a rustic modern art vibe to the environment. They had an excellent selection of cannabis at great prices. Weed love to try them all! Maybe in time, however, we did try some Mac1, GG4, Sundae Driver, GMO, and Mendo Breath. All of these strains were proper and on point. We personally love the GMO and Sundae Driver. All of the cannabis available at Fritz Fire House is grown by their own cultivation team at Fritz Farms Harvesting Company.

The flower is fire, but so are the concentrates and carts they offer from Apothecary Extracts! Apothecary is one of the top extraction companies in Colorado, and now you can enjoy the quality and purity of Apothecary in Oklahoma. The Apothecary concentrates and cartridges available at Fritz Fire House come from cannabis grown by the Fritz cultivation team. It is then processed by Apothecary to produce some of the finest concentrates around. We tried an Apothecary Citron Sherbert Hybrid Ambrosia Cartridge, and we were quite impressed!

We’re not normally a fan of vape carts because we find them to taste funky like burnt rubber gloves or a blast of noncannabsis derived terps to us. That wasn’t the case with this Apothecary cart made from cannabis grown by the Fritz cultivation team. It had an amazingly smooth profile and actually tasted like weed. The terps in this cart were amazing. It was pumping out 17.8 mg a-humulene, 20.3 mg farnesene, 10.2 mg a-limonene, 11.8 b-myrcene, 4.2 mg a-pinene, 1.9 mg linalool, 1.2 mg eucalyptol, and 87.2 mg of b-caryophyllene. The Apothecary Citron Sherbert Hybrid Ambrosia Cartridge is CannaLance, and Terpy Pete approved!

The Apothecary Citron Sherbert Hybrid Ambrosia Cartridge is CannaLance, and Terpy Pete approved!

All of the strains we tried were great! Even better, these strains are grown by Fritz Fire House, which means patients can grow to expect consistency with their medicine of choice. Nothing is worse than finding the variety of cannabis or strain that works for you only to find that it sells out in a few days or a few weeks and doesn’t surface again for quite some time. Or even worse, it can be found but it is not of the same quality. By growing their own and offering nothing more, they can retain full control over the quality and selection they are offering patients which gives us great hope for consistent medicine close to home. Check out the strains we picked up during our recent visit!

GMO, aka Chem Cookies, was done very well. It had the stink and funk along with a subtle sweetness that comes from the attention of a craft grow.

Sundae Driver was flowered to perfection. This floral, sweet treat had a pungent gassy finish and definitely was not lacking in the neighborhood of potency.

Mendo Breath was funky and nice with an earthy flavor and spicy finish. The colors in this bud made for some great eye candy and the buzz made for even better brain and body candy.

GG4 with skunky funky, and strong like Kong. This primate strain packed a potent punch and was not lacking in that funk that makes it GG4.

Mac1 might leave you having a Mac attack as it did with us. This potent powerhouse will leave you parched, so keep your H2O handy. It will also spike your appetite leaving you with a crazy case of the munchies.

Fritz Fire House has an amazing selection of cannabis flowers and judging by everything we saw; it’s all top quality. You’ll find potent THC profiles, tasty terp profiles, and beautiful buds blanketed in trichomes waiting for you to take them home at Fritz Fire House medical cannabis dispensary located in Miami, Oklahoma.

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