Full Tilt Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Grove Oklahoma

Full Tilt Medical Cannabis dispensary in Grove, Oklahoma, is truly going at it full tilt. Originally the term “Full Tilt” referred to a combatants’ “thrust of a sword or lance,” and it’s been around since the 1700s according to dictionary.com. Full tilt also means as fast as possible, which is exactly what these folks are doing.

They are hitting the market full tilt at Full Tilt with one store already open in Grove and more locations set to roll out soon in surrounding areas. The cannabis dispensary competition just got real in northeastern Oklahoma. $100 ounces, $10-$15 grams of concentrates and grams of flower starting at only $5 is more in line with most people’s budget these days. When you factor in quality it’s a sure-fire winner.

No matter whether you’re looking for carts, flower, concentrates, or edibles, you’ll find what you’re after at Full Tilt Cannabis Dispensary. Not only will you find it, but you’ll find it at prices that won’t break the bank. Not long ago, we received a notification of their soft opening. We decided to take the 25 min drive from Miami to Grove to see what they were all about, and we’re glad we did.

How Full Tilt Became a Fave

Full Tilt has quickly become a favorite stop of ours and is very much worth the drive to Grove. We found Tasties concentrates for $15 a gram and Craft concentrates for $10 a gram. We’re not talking about the concentrates filled with food-grade terps to give them a candy-like flavor. These are 100% real deal, lit and legit concentrates. They have several varieties to choose from of both brands.

The flower is on point too. We grow our own, but we smoke a LOT, an awful LOT. That means we have to buy weed like everyone else. As you may know, writers don’t make much money, so we have to make that scratch count. The budget ounces at Full Tilt are lit. Normally you get what you pay for, and most $100 ounces are on the harsh side and lack potency.

At Full Tilt though, this is not the case. So far, everything we’ve tried has been great. Donkey Butter, Blue Skittlez, Gorilla Skittlez, and Skunk Berry are definitely worth the money. The product at Full Tilt is great, and you will see that for yourself when you stop in and try it.

Prices Paired with Patient Focus

The next thing you’re going to love about Full Tilt is their friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will answer any questions you have and help guide you to picking out the product you’re looking for. If you are a first-timer, don’t be shy. Head on over to Full Tilt and let em know it’s your first time, and they will make you feel right at home. If you are a seasoned consumer, be sure to check out the great products and prices you’ll find at Full Tilt.

Full Tilt Cannabis Dispensary is located at 3657 US-59, Grove Oklahoma, 74344. You can stop in and visit them Sunday-Thursday from 9 am-9 pm. They are open a bit later on the weekend, where you can check them out between the hours of 9 pm-11 pm on Friday and Saturday. Remember that these awesome prices aren’t a grand opening special. They are all day everyday prices!

They have a beautiful store layout and a wall of green that makes for a great photo opp. Be sure to take a quick pic on your way in or out. Sharing is caring, and a friend with weed is, well, you know. So, with that in mind, you might want to tag them on social media so others can find out about all the lit deals at Full Tilt Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Grove, Oklahoma.

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