Homestead Harvest Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Homestead Harvest medical cannabis dispensary located at 1421 E Steve Owens BLVD in Miami Oklahoma has some absolute fire. It just might be the best weed you’ll find locally. We have become fans of their flower and wanted to share this find with you. The folks at Homestead Harvest always have great deals on blazin bud and amazing personalities that always make for an enjoyable experience!

If you have a hole in your bowl and need a nugget to plug it, head on over to Homestead Harvest and grab some green nuggets of love. If you love that gas. That stanky stank that’ll drop you to your knees giving thanks, you have to try their Motor Breath.

5 Blazin Strains at Homestead Harvest as of 1/09/21

Motor Breath is a cross between San Fernando Valley Kush or SFV Kush for short and Chemdawg. This is that gas you’ve been looking for. It has enough trichomes to gag any grinder. The flavor is pungent and floral with a skunky undertone and a sweet earthy finish. The buzz is very relaxing, and it can be felt heavy behind the eyes. If you have issues with aggression or pain this strain may just be what you need.

Ice Cream Cake is another delectable variety of cannabis you’ll find at Homestead. This Indica dominant cannabis strain created by crossing Gelato #33 with Wedding Cake is sure to bring a smile to your face. This Ice Cream Cake is fruity, floral, and sweet. It has a funky pungent undertone, almost skunkish wrapped up with a pleasing candy-like finish. We came for the Motor Breath but had to try this Ice Cream Cake, and we’re glad we did.

Shittlez is the shiznit! Not only does Shittlez get the job done, but it also gets the job done at a price that’s right. We started our wake and bake with this one and our very pleased with the buzz and longevity of it. It was a perfect balance of relaxation and energy. This potent variety of herb was tasty and stoney. Shittlez also gave us the munchies so be prepared for a snack attack.

Tropical Cookies caught our eye because of its beautiful brilliant purple color. Tropical is a great description for this citrusy strain. It’s like combining citrus blossoms with the potent flavors of Hash Plant. This sweet tropical sativa was created crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Tangie. The buzz is spunky and energetic feeling while providing a super chill vibe at the same time.

 Before we made our way out the door one more strain of weed caught our eye. It was Mint Chocolate Chip. This hybrid was created by crossing Green Ribbon with Sin Mint Cookies. The strain has a delicious earthy forest-like flavor and a peppery kick followed up by a sweet bakery like finish. The buzz was a stony and relaxing one that was felt heavy in the eyes.

All in all, we would recommend any of these strains to anyone. If you’re looking for that skunky funk, that gas that’s a blast from the past, you’ll definitely want to score some Motor Breath. While you’re there make sure to pick up a little bit of something else. It’s always great to try new things. After all, variety is the spice of life. We came for the Motor Breath but left with so much more.

By Patients for Patients

Homestead Harvest offers incredible deals on all of their products including Red Bud Pods which run 5 for $100 all day, 7 days a week, 5 for $100 concentrate specials and more! They also have AMAZING prerolls and you won’t hear us say that often but at Homestead they use nothing but flower to pack their prerolls… never trim! When it comes to flower, it ranges between $9 and $16 a gram, however, the more you buy from each shelf, the prices only get better! They also have an amazing rewards program that allows you to accumulate points to apply towards future purchases!

Also, while you’re there don’t forget to stock up on all your smoking accessories. From wraps and rolling trays to other unique gear like Glob Mops. Glob Mops are the must have cleaning q-tips for anyone who loves to dab. These q-tips are spun extra tight having one pointy in and one round in. They are attached to thin wooden sticks making them the perfect tool for cleaning those hard to reach nooks and crannies of bangers, buckets, and nails.

The folks at Homestead Harvest are always knowledgeable about their products and are an amazing crew of friendly peeps. Check them out on WeedMaps and remember to stay hydrated and to consume responsibly. When it’s fire you desire, head on over to Homestead Harvest medical cannabis dispensary in Miami Oklahoma.

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