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Rising from the Trenches with Jenny Germano

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. Jenny Germano, the founder of ICS Consulting, knows what it is like to be in the trenches of the burgeoning yet infant cannabis industry. She knows the burden placed upon those on the frontlines of this sector and what it is like being paid minimally to run an entire facility’s compliance program and typical day-to-day operations. This is why she focuses her efforts and passions on ensuring cannabis policies are beneficial for employees and not just those at the top!

I feel sometimes employees get left behind, and they are the actual gears that keep this entire industry moving – without them, there would be no workforce. They are the gatekeepers of compliance, and without compliance, there is not a functioning industry. One of my biggest career dreams is to work internationally in drafting regulatory framework. I see my company ICS Consulting as a stepping stone for my future dreams.

In the future, Jenny dreams of working in drafting regulatory framework internationally and sees her company and the seeds she is planting with ICS Consulting as a stepping stone for her future dreams and success. For now, though, her ideal client is anyone in the cannabis sector that has been awarded a license and/or already in operation looking for guidance in the area of cannabis compliance. She loves working with new and emerging brands as she can offer much value in the beginning phases of their business, such as her Operational Readiness Packages! However, she is always up for a challenge and finds great joy in helping existing brands tighten their compliance!

At the end of the day, my biggest goal is preparing my clients to be successful in the art of adhering to and understanding compliance. I also get inspired by new markets opening up across the US and having the ability as a businesswoman to step into working in a new state with a whole new set of regulations. I like being challenged, that is where I grow the most as a person and a business.

Employee training, compliance adherence, SOPS, employee manuals, and well-structured license application exhibits are just a few things that ICS Consulting can help with.

Compliance can be broad spectrum when it comes to cannabis, and ICS’s main goal is to close the compliance inefficacy gaps. ICS Consulting services help address and provide support in any areas where there might be existing or potential compliance gaps in a licensed business.

Aside from running ICS Consulting like a boss, Jenny Germano is also involved in the Science and Policy workgroup in the State of Colorado and also is the Co-Chair of the Sampling Subcommittee. When she isn’t enjoying helping others and furthering her career, you can find her in nature paddle boarding, snowshoeing, lap swimming, and go for walks. She also enjoys nature photography and fun-filled road trips! When asked about how cannabis has helped her professionally and/or personally, Jenny stated the following.

I would say stability and the fact I really love what I do for a career. Making the jump 11 years ago from working in commercial kitchens to the Cannabis industry has been one of the best leaps of faith I have taken in my life. I really have no regrets and have learned from all of my mistakes and triumphs.

Sure, there are many consulting services out there for cannabis businesses coming into the market. However, none of them quite bring to the table the dedication and structure offered by Jenny and ICS Consulting. She knows that when it comes to helping clients implement their businesses, talking the talk isn’t enough. That is why Jenny lives it every single day. She has seen the life-changing benefits in her own personal life from living and breathing structure, so her passion comes from a personal place and helps her to better guide her clients to success.

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