Unbreakabowl: CannaLance Product Review

Are you clumsy? Perhaps, you’re forgetful. Have you ever experienced the aggravation of dropping your bowl and breaking it? Maybe went to sit it on a table and missed it. Or, you sat it in your lap and stood up, forgetting it was there. In any case, chances are, at some point, you have watched helplessly as your bowl fell to the ground and broke.

You can avoid this from ever happening again by getting your hands on the incredible smooth hitting, discrete and artistic Unbreakabowl! Unbreakabowl is the smooth hitting artistic way to get your smoke on without the worry of breaking your bowl.

There are many issues with the types of bowls on the market today that Unbreakabowl mitigates with ease. For example, glass bowls break. Metal bowls are typically made of several parts with tisky rubber seals that are known to cause air leaks resulting in weak and lost hits. And let’s face it… the new trend of silicone everything just isn’t everyone’s vibe! This is where Unbreakabowl is unbeatable!

Introducing Unbreakabowl

Truthfully the only way I could see this pipe being destroyed is if it was in the hands of a Terminator as it was being lowered into a melting pit of smelting metal.

The Unbreakabowl product comes in a few sizes. We tried the small and the standard. Both are made here in the US from high-grade stainless steel. They are rounded in design with a small flat diamond cut on the bottom, keep the bowl from rolling around and tipping over. The bowl size is perfect. It’s not so big that your weed starts to taste burnt, and it’s not so small that you barely get a good hit like with one-hitter pipes. Once you smoke from an Unbreakabowl, you’ll know why they say this thing is unbreakable.

Not only did I enjoy this pipe as a bowl, but I also found it very pleasing just to hold. You can say it works as a sensory object for those of us who are fidgety. It gives you smooth round areas to roll around in your hands as well as flat divots on the bottom to fidget with.

Discretion is Key for Many

Last but not least, allow me to mention how discreet this bowl is. Not everyone lives in a place where cannabis is legal. In some areas, discretion is key. The Unbreakabowl is the perfect bowl to throw in your toolbox, work truck, or fishing tackle box, and it will simply blend in with everything else. It can go through hell and still stay intact. This means you can toss it in with your things and forget about it until you’re ready to sesh.

I enjoy everything about these bowls and highly recommend them to anyone who likes to partake in a toke. They are easy to clean, discreet, and virtually indestructible, or should I say Unbreakabowl!

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