Receives Funding From Nextfifty Initiative for Hotline

DENVER, DECEMBER 5, 2020 –NextFifty Initiative has awarded Leaf 411 funding towards operational
costs of their hotline, specifically salary for nurses tending the line. These efforts help NextFifty Initiative
improve the lives of older adults and elevates the discussion of cannabis through the thoughtful and
relatable context of aging. The Colorado-based foundation’s support will allow Leaf 411 to continue its
growth by being able to increase the nursing staff needed to focus on the largest demographic of new
cannabis users which is the senior community.

This Nextfifty grant will allow Leaf411 to expand its programming by being able to increase the nursing
staff needed to focus on the largest demographic of new cannabis users which are seniors. “Leaf411 is
very thankful that due to receiving the Nextfifty grant, our hotline program will be able to continue moving
forward in servicing the senior communities across the US. It’s a tremendous endorsement to have this
backing from funders so aligned with our mission.”

“Our goal is to transform the way we as a society view and experience aging, and that informs the types of
unique ideas and projects we fund,” said Diana McFail, President and CEO of NextFifty Initiative. “We see
Leaf 411’s work on aging issues and experiences as an embodiment of our efforts toward more positive
and enlightened approaches to aging. We offer our support and congratulations.”

About Leaf 411

Leaf411™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating a FREE cannabis-trained nurse hotline. Our mission is to
provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis. Our
team of cannabis trained nurses are passionate about helping our community access balanced education
about their legal cannabis use while also improving public perception of the cannabis industry.

About NextFifty Initiative

NextFifty Initiative is a Colorado-based private foundation. The organization exists to create brighter,
longer and healthier futures that unlock the potential of communities through an advanced funding
approach. Through this work, communities are positioned to fully benefit from the wisdom and diverse
experiences of a thriving aging population. Our approach applies a multitude of lenses in funding
high-yield aging solutions that benefit people age 50 and older. NextFifty Initiative focuses on funding
designed to support concepts, projects and innovations that will benefit generations for years to come. To
learn more, please visit next50initiative.org

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