miT’s Farmacy – A Hometown Dispensary That Honors a Legacy with Patients in Mind

We spend a lot of time smoking weed. When it comes to the herb we love, it has to make love to your mouth. It also needs to be able to get the job done, meaning you need to be able to feel the effects of the high. When we run across a dispensary that is doing it and doing it well, we like to tell people about them. We were driving down A St NE in Miami, Oklahoma, when we noticed a sign for miT’s Farmacy.

We both looked at each other with the look of “we haven’t been there yet.” So, we did the only sensible thing we could do and circled the block to stop in for a visit. We figured we’d try a gram of a few different varieties of what they had to offer. As many of you know, it is challenging to find quality cannabis in the state of Oklahoma, unless you pay $350 or $400 an ounce.

We expected the weed to be dusty, dry, and shaky like most places. Instead, we were welcomed by big beautiful buds. Ten different types of beautiful buds caught our attention. The bud structure was beautiful, the color was on point, and the trichome coverage was what we like to see when looking for good weed. We tried all ten, and we loved them so much we decided to write about a few of them and a few others we have tried since!

But before we get to the strains we tried, let’s get back to our visit to miT’s Farmacy. It was more than the weed that made this visit a good one. The vibe of the business itself was one we could really dig. We met the folks who ran the place and discovered it was a family-owned and operated business.

We could tell you all kinds of cool things about these folks from just a few visits. But then we’d be denying you the ability to build a remarkable friendship with some truly awesome people. Our recommendation is to check out their website to learn a little bit more about them. They tell the story behind what inspired miT’s. Then go in person and pay them a visit. We’re sure you will dig their selection of medical cannabis as well as their amazing vibes!

Now, back to talking about some of the sweet cannabis strains we have tried. Let’s just say we think miTs Farmacy has some fire. All of the strains we have had the pleasure of toking have offered impressive qualities and characteristics. They all provided the euphoric feeling one should get from quality medical cannabis. They also all provided pleasing and distinguishable flavor profiles.

Here are a few of our faves!


A lot of people have tried Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), or have they? You might be one of them. Chances are you have tried GSC but if you haven’t blazed on Jigga, then you haven’t had the real deal yet. Jigga is the breeder of what many people have dubbed GSC. If you’ve never blazed on Jigga then according to canna legend, you haven’t had real GSC. If you want to get your hands on the real deal in Miami Oklahoma, you’ll only find it at miT’s Farmacy. This pungent sweet smoke is no joke and has no problem getting the job done.


When you’re looking to not shoot straight but rather elevate, grab some AK-47. A few puffs of this sweet cerebral floral finishing AK will set you on your way to happiness. At least that’s how it worked out for us.

Pillow Factory

This strain absolutely made love to our mouth. Sweet succulent flavors of this superb cannabis strain were matched equally by the potent powerful effects. Even being seasoned consumers, this strain still packed a punch. If you smoke enough of it, you might just find your head laying on a factory of pillows on your bed.

Scarlet Begonia

This was an amazingly tasty and potent strain to puff on while listening to the Grateful Dead. In a way it helped bring the song to life. We were stoked to find a strain we were not familiar with. The taste and buzz from this weed was very impressive.

Durban Poison

This sativa is an absolute favorite of ours! This landrace African strain when flowered to perfection is sweet, floral, skunky, funky, and pungent all in one delectable mix. miT’s Durban Poison was proper and on point. It was sticky icky delicious and all kinds of good. If you’re a fan of Durban Poison be sure to get your hands on some of this anytime it’s in stock.


This strain was king when it came to flavor and potency. We’re fans of the primate strains such as Kong, Grape Ape, Gorilla Glue, and others. This Kong was definitely flowered to perfection. The terpene profile was high and it shined through in not only the flavor profile but also the medicinal effects it offered.

We Think miT’s is Lit

All in all, everything we have tried at miT’s Farmacy has been exceptional. Not only is the weed fire, their other products are amazing too! They have 275mg chocolate cake pops that definitely get the job done. Then there’s candy bars, brownies, cookies, hard candies, tonics, beverages, and more all infused with sweet Mary Jane. You’ll also find some quality concentrates available in small craft batches.

On top of all these amazing cannabis products they have to offer, and the amazing atmosphere they provide, they also have a great selection of smoking and rolling accessories. If you’re looking for the loud that will have you standing out in a crowd or that fire that you desire, then take our advice and take a trip to miT’s Farmacy today.

Tell em CannaLance sent ya and enjoy some of the finest quality cannabis flower, edibles, and smoking accessories in Oklahoma at affordable patient friendly prices!

Below you can find images of some other amazing strains and edibles we have enjoyed from miTs Farmacy!

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