Chester Springs, Pennsylvania -Affinity Bio Partners, LLC, a global clinical research organization focused on Medical Cannabis and CBD Clinical Research have launched the Affinity Network.

“We are pleased with the expansion of Affinity Bio Partners, LLC with the launch of the Affinity Network. The Affinity Network is the “First of Its Kind” which developed a Certified, Best in Class, Pharmaceutical modeled infrastructure to assist business owners in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry exceed their business goals.  The Affinity Network has been established with qualified, fully vetted professional consultants and companies that are able to provide services globally which are in compliance with all applicable laws. As we continue to be the pioneers in the Medical Cannabis and CBD clinical research, artificial technology and patient advocacy industries it is critical for us to ensure that we are raising the bar from a professional standpoint. Together all of the companies within the Affinity Network will make a difference and continue to pave the way in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industries.”, stated Christina DiArcangelo, CEO and Founder, Affinity Bio Partners, LLC.


Affinity Bio Partners is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that provides best in class services while maintaining a personal approach.  There are many CROs in the market, but there is only one that will give our client’s organization the attention, services and results.  For more information on the company or general inquiries, please email: or visit us at or

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