Green Culture Strain Review: Bruce Banner and Maui Waui

When it comes to the green scene in Oklahoma CannaLance wants to keep you covered as to places to go and strains to grow. In this short piece, we are going to cover two strains that we just tried from one of our favorite local dispensaries here in Miami Oklahoma called Green Culture.

Green Culture Dispensary Strain Review by CannaLance - Kassidy Pruitt
Kassidy “Kass” – Budtender

The staff at Green Culture is friendly and knowledgeable. Pictured above is Kass which we always love interacting with! She is kind, professional, and very informative about the products they offer. We are sure you will dig her vibe too!

Green Culture has a fantastic selection of flower and concentrates to choose from. They also have a great collection of smoking accessories (a few pictured below) and they just got a new drop of clones in stock today available starting at $20!

Green Culture Dispensary Strain Review by CannaLance

Today we decided to try two new strains they just got in, Bruce Banner and Maui Waui. If you live in or near the Miami Oklahoma area, we suggest that you stop by and say high to our buds at Green Culture. They have daily deals starting at 6.99 a gram with top-shelf running 13.99 a gram.

Green Culture Dispensary Locations

  • Miami1429 E Steve Owens Blvd, Miami, OK 74354
  • Jay448 S Main St unit D, Jay, OK 74346
  • Grove24979 S 655 Rd suite a, Grove, OK 74344
  • Muskogee- 3409 Chandler Rd, Muskogee, OK 74403

Bruce Banner from Green Culture

Bruce Banner is an absolutely gorgeous strain. The original lineage comes from Dark Horse Genetics and is a combination of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. This Bruce Banner from Green Culture Miami, Oklahoma, is on point. The dense nugs are blanketed in a diamond-like coat of trichomes. The aroma is strong and pungent. The flavor is very sweet, almost spicy, with a peppery undertone. The head high is intense and takes effect almost instantly. After a few puffs of this delicious stuff, you’ll start to feel your eyes relax and the calmness set in.

Green Culture Dispensary Strain Review by CannaLance Bruce Banner
  • Strong buzz
  • Felt pleasing effects within seconds after the first hit off a bowl
  • Balanced high between body and mind
  • Sweet, spicy, peppery taste
  • Good longevity to the buzz
Green Culture Dispensary Strain Review by CannaLance Bruce Banner

The buzz doesn’t just go poof in a few minutes, either. It has the creeper effect getting a bit stronger for about 10 -15 mins after you smoke before balancing out. I wondered why they called this Bruce Banner and not Incredible Hulk until I tried it. Its strong AF, but it’s way to relaxing to be the Hulk, so Bruce makes perfect sense. Maybe a good nick name for this one would be Professor Hulk. Smoke enough of this Bruce, and it may just leave you wanting to walk around barefoot eating tacos like Professor Hulk too. After 35 years of smoking, this is a strain that we’d “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” to anyone looking for some excellent tasting herb with a killer buzz.

Maui Waui from Green Culture

Maui Waui is an old-school classic from yesteryear. This Hawaiian island strain offers a sweet-smelling aroma with nice fluffy buds and a pleasant buzz. It’s not as pungent as some strains, so the taste doesn’t jump out in this one. You’ll notice a sweet flavor with an herbal, piney hint. The buzz sets in a few minutes after smoking a bowl or after a couple of tokes from a doobie.

Green Culture Dispensary Strain Review by CannaLance Maui Waui
  • Sativa
  • Sweet smell and taste with a piney hint
  • Motivational buzz
  • Fluffy trichome covered buds
  • Smooth smoking
  • Medium longevity to the high
  • Not too intense
Green Culture Dispensary Strain Review by CannaLance Maui Waui

It burned smooth, and the buzz was sweet. You really feel this one in the head and behind the eyes. Definitely an upbeat, creative buzz perfect for research, gaming, or doing house chores. Still, this classic seems that it’s missing something from yesteryear. Oh, that’s right, the black market. You won’t have to search all over town to find Maui Waui. You can score enough for a few doobs, a lid, or more at Green Culture Cannabis Dispensary in Miami, Oklahoma.

Our Recommendation and Closing Thoughts

After smoking for many decades, we can say that Green Culture has some quality bud!There’s different strokes for different folks, and Green Culture has a selection so big there’s a flavor to savor for everyone! We happen to dig really potent sweet-tasting herb. Of the two strains today, Bruce Banner was our favorite. While we loved the Maui Waui as well, we’d recommend the Bruce Banner to anyone who is a seasoned consumer. This strain packs a great taste with a robust potent punch!

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