Ready to add an extra layer of security to your cannabis consumption? If so, we have the product for you.  Introducing the BudCapTimer! Based on the same principle of medication bottle timers, the BudCapTimer allows you to secure your medicine with an access triggered timer cap!

The BudCapTimer is simple to assemble and even easier to use! Simply snap the childproof ring around the cap if desired, place your meds inside, and secure the cap! It’s that easy to add an extra layer of security and safety to your consumption. The BudCapTimer can also be utilized without the childproof ring for easier intended access!

Protect Your Stash from Theft

Got a roommate that likes to skim off your stash? Put a stop to their madness with the BudCapTimer. This device will tell you precisely how long it has been since your stash bottle was opened and, in most cases, may prevent said theft from occurring!  Now when you come home and are ready to toke a bowl but it seems as if some of your green is missing, you will know for sure if someone has accessed your stash against your will and exactly how long ago that access occurred.

Know if Your Kids Are Sneaking a Toke

The same use case applies to parents. If you’re concerned about whether your curious teenagers are sneaking a toke when you aren’t around, you need the BudCapTimer. That way you will know for sure if they are dipping their fingers in your meds, or better yet, deter them from doing so!   The BudCapTimer also works great if you are simply wanting to protect your small children from accidentally accessing and potentially ingesting your meds!

Prevent Over Consumption 

Worried about consuming too often? Always forgetting how long it’s been since your last edible? With the BudCapTimer, you never have to worry or remember again! Just check out the story below from the BudCapTimer founder that shows perfectly how handy this simple device can be! 

“I use the BudCapTimer to remember how long it’s been since I took my first edible gummy. With the cannabis industry growing and legalization spreading, legal in 11 states, and legal for medical use in 33 states, it is essential that first-timers have the best possible experience if dispensaries want to keep them as customers. 

When I bought my first pack of edible gummy bears (which I will be honest was after I approached TimerCaps about partnering this year), I was sharing with friends that I was starting BudCapTimer. I showed them the bottle with the gummies we were about to consume. They thought it was a cute idea, and we popped one gummy each. We waited a bit till someone brought up that we didn’t feel anything yet, and we couldn’t remember when we took them.

Wondering if we should take a second gummy, we all got excited when we were able to look at the BudCapTimer and find that it had only been an hour. We laughed, chatted, and waited. Sure enough, at about 2 hours, we were feeling the full effects. “

I had the chance to speak with the BudCapTimer founder, Amie Kilgore, about her inspiration and intention behind the creation of the BudCapTimer. You can check out our Q&A below!

A Q&A With Founder Amie Kilgore

CannaLance: What inspired you to implement this technology into the cannabis market?

Amie Kilgore: What inspired me to implement this tech into the cannabis industry was the college students who first purchased TimerCaps to ensure that their roommates weren’t skimming off their weed stash.  When I heard that the cap actually deterred their roommates from borrowing without permission, I thought it would also be an excellent way for parents to ensure their children aren’t skimming either.

CL: How do you feel patients will benefit the most from this product?

AK: Patients will benefit from the cap as a way of promoting more mindfulness within cannabis usage. How often are the patients using their cannabis products, how long does their high last before they reach for another dose, which strains give the patient the longest-lasting high? These are all questions that are answered by the BudCapTimer.

Beyond that, we hope the cap will keep kids under the legal age of consumption from skimming off parent’s supply and protect younger children from cannabis poisoning with the child-resistant ring that can be added for a push and turn feature to any cap.

There are multitudes of reasons why you might need the BudCapTimer, though, including waiting for the full amount of time to digest edibles before reaching for more!

CL: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers!

AK: I can see these being a great gift to new customers because dispensaries can put their store label on them, but it could also go really well as a point of sale item or a free add on for spending a certain amount of money. We currently only sell to retailers in wholesale quantities, a minimum of 500 units per order. So if readers would like to buy one for themselves, have them ask their local dispensaries to reach out to us!

I also envision edible distributors using BudCapTimers to protect people from overdosing due to impatience and to deter underage kids from ingesting their parent’s medical marijuana. BudCapTimer’s are about improving mindfulness and taking necessary precautions to ensure the responsible consumption of cannabis. Find us at to see the product. Dispensaries can reach me at

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