Canna-Christmas Memes and Gifs

Christmas time is here again, and that means pretty much everybody’s time is cut thin. With that in mind, save some time and get your Canna-Christmas memes and gifs to share this season all in one place right here. Who knows these festive gifs and memes may even spark some much-needed holiday cheer leading the way to light up your day.

We’ve taken the time to scour online, we’ve been looking and searching and hoping to find, hoping to find the best Christmas cannabis-themed gifs and memes for you. Basically, we tried to do all the work of looking for these holiday treats so that you wouldn’t have to.

Smoke a joint, blaze a blunt, spark a bowl, light a spliff, do a dab, take a few hits. Eat some edibles, maybe a few vapes, it really doesn’t matter how you choose to elevate. Enjoy Christmas with Mary and a merry smile while sharing Mary all the while. With that being said, smoke them if you got ’em, and here are those Christmas stoner memes and gifs, in case you thought I forgot ’em!

Canna-Christmas Memes

Who else loves a good trim? Santa knows how to do it right!
Watch out for the Grinch and don’t let him pinch your bag, or your joy this holiday season!
Have some fun… tag us on social media @CannaLance and let us know what your stoner elf name is!
Have you took a toke with Stoner Claus? He’s the jolliest guy around!
Is it a coincidence that we call them both trees and they light up our lives?
Are your stockings elevated with care?
Did someone say Who Hash?
Now this we can support!
Sorry. Not Sorry. Totally Guilty.
Cannabis – Helping us all stay elevated!
What’s on your list?

Canna-Christmas Gifs

Remember… sharing is caring!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CannaLance!

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