Dispensary Review : Green Culture – Miami Oklahoma

1429 E Steve Owens Boulevard Miami, Oklahoma. This is the address you want to put into your GPS if you’re looking to score some amazing flower, concentrates, edibles, or smoking accessories. This will take you right to one of our absolute favorite dispensaries in Northeast Oklahoma. Just down the road from all of your favorite Miami Casinos you will find the dispensary that has it all.

 Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Convenient Location with Great Hours

Affordable and High Quality Medicine

An Abundant Selection with Stock to Back it Up

Unique and Affordable Accessories


As you may know, finding quality herb and other cannabinoid based products at a reasonable price in the state of Oklahoma can be a challenge. At Green Culture however, amazing medicine at affordable prices is abundant.

Green Culture- Where the Selection of Affordable Quality Medicine is Abundant

If you have to spend $10 – $15 a gram on flower, you want it to have some flower power. You want the loud that will stand out in a crowd. The kind of cannabis that makes love to your mouth with every toke you take. This is precisely what you’ll get at Green Culture! The best part, the staff rocks and sometimes, those loud nugs come at a price of only $6.99 per gram! That’s right you can score some tasty nug and quality meds for less than $200 an ounce!

You’ll find incredible varieties of Indica cannabis like Banana Taffy, Pure Kush, Big Bud, Sensi Star, Blueberry Cookies, Diamond OG, Maple Leaf Indica, Peyote Cookies, Gelato, and more. Are Sativas your thing? How about sweet Sativas like CandyLand, Lemon Cake, Lemonhead OG, Super Sour Diesel, or the landrace Durban Poison?

Maybe you’re one of those who love a balance of Indica and Sativa and prefer a good hybrid. If that’s the case, you’ll have a smile on your face when you get your hands on some Alien OG, Blue Widow, Biodiesel, White Widow, SFV OG, or one of the many other strains available.

They also have amazing concentrates by companies like Redbud, Releaf, RPV, Twisted Extracts, and others. They even have cannabis-infused ice cream for a sweet way to medicate and elevate! Need something to toke out of? A new tray for rolling? A unique bowl for someone in your life or to add to your collection? Green Culture has a wide variety of accessories for out of this world prices!

My Favorite Find

My absolute personal favorite find at this dispensary has had me floating on cloud nine since its discovery. Green Culture carries RPV branded hash. That’s right old school hash like you used to get back in the day! So, hippies get happy and head over to Green Culture and score a gram of hash today.

Then get ready to sit back for a nostalgic moment that will take you back in time. As you can tell, I haven’t found real hash in a long time, so this find is top of the line for a guy like me who has been part of the culture since the day I was born!

If you’re looking for a great selection of some absolute fire flower in Miami, head over to Green Culture, tell them James and Ashley from CannaLance, the peeps that were super excited about finding hash sent ya! So what are you waiting for? Get over to Green Culture today and experience firsthand what quality cannabis products at affordable prices can be like in Oklahoma!

Check out their current menu on Weedmaps here!

Other Oklahoma locations include Grove, Jay, and Muskogee!

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