Own Your Own R2 Unit for 20 Bucks

Hasbro Star Wars offers us, The Last Jedi, Smart R2-D2. R2-D2, the iconic little astro-droid who appeared in 9 of the 10 Star Wars movies to date can be yours to own. No, you don’t have to buy R2-D2 from the Jawas and you don’t even have to visit Tatooine.

Imagine having your own little R2 unit to watch Star Wars with or guard your computer while you’re away. Wouldn’t that be cool? This can be reality. You can purchase R2-D2 for around $20 on Amazon! Did I mention this makes a great gift for just about any occasion?

This little R2 unit is ready for action. Don’t worry about this R2 unit taking up too much space because it only stands around 10 inches and weighs in at around 2 pounds. R2 has multiple functions that can be accessed by connecting your R2 unit to the R2-D2 smart app.

R2-D2 Works Via the R2-D2 Smart App

R2 is powered by four AA batteries and can perform a variety of awesome features. Your R2 unit will respond to Star Wars when it’s played on television. It also can explore and talk on its own. You can use the app and your R2 unit becomes a remote control that moves in all directions. You can send your R2 unit on different missions. And, on top of all of that your R2 unit can guard your room or computer station!

If you’re looking for an out of this world toy for the astrogeek or stoner on your holiday gift list, you found it with this R2 unit. He will serve you well. The manufacturer of this R2 unit recommends an age of 6 months or older but I wouldn’t give this to a child that would throw it. An orbital R2-D2 to the head, toe, knee or anywhere for that matter could have anybody seeing stars.

Have fun with this incredibly awesome little R2 unit and “may the force be with you.”

Order Yours Today!

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