The Flying Pig has an elegant storefront resembling a jewelry store. The dispensary is combined with a salon in the rear and retail store in front offering health and beauty products. You can enter from the front of the store or the back. Driving down historic route 66 to Miami Oklahoma you might happen to notice a unique storefront nestled amongst the little shops. The Coleman Theater is just down the road as is a local radio station and florist.

We chose the back door. You might say old habits die hard. Upon entering the back of The Flying Pig, we followed the sign to the dispensary. At a small window, you present your Oklahoma med card. After a few moments, you enter the door into the dispensary. The dispensary is small but laid out very elegantly.

The Elevation Begins Once We’re In

Customer service was on point as the budtenders were very polite and helpful. There’s a table with the flower selection inside of containers. You can view and smell the contents of these containers without touching the flower. Each container has a bud magnifier so you can get a good look at your nugs. There is a removable vent lid where you can smell the product inside. The name of the strain along with the THC percentage and grower are found on the label.

They have concentrates, flower, edibles, capsules, rolling papers, grinders, and accessories. On the day we stopped in which happened to be a Saturday, they had four varieties of cannabis in stock. We decided to give each one a try and purchased a gram of each.

We Found Nugs To Plug The Hole in Our Bowl

The four grams came up to $50 even out the door. We ended up with one gram of White widow at $10.30, one gram of Pucker Punch at $10.30, one gram of Black D.O.G at $11.16, and one gram of Red Headed Stranger at $11.16.

Now the true testament will be how well each one smokes. All four varieties of cannabis had a very pleasing appearance. Glandular trichomes were abundant on the Black D.O.G. Beautiful red hairs danced across the Pucker Punch. The White Widow was frosty, and the Red Headed Stranger emanated an aroma that was no stranger to me.

Four Nugs of Happiness

  • First up, Pucker Punch. The strain tasted surprisingly good. It had a sweet flavor that had hints of berry and a very earthy finish. The buzz was strong, and it burned nicely.
  • Red Headed Stranger had that aroma that was no stranger. The flavor profile matched the aroma beautifully. It hit very smooth leaving a sweet aftertaste and a peppery finish. The herb burned beautifully and had a great high.
  • White Widow had a beautiful earthy profile and carried a great buzz. The taste of this flower, like the Red Headed Stranger and Pucker Punch, made love to your mouth. The strain burned very nicely leaving behind a resinous roach.
  • Black D.O.G was strong. It burned a little harsher than the Red Headed Stranger, White Widow, or Pucker Punch. The flavor was still very pleasing having an earthy peppery punch. That could explain the harshness.

All in all, we were very pleased with the flower we purchased from The Flying Pig Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Miami Oklahoma. At around $11 a gram out the door give or take; the price was right for tasty potent pungent Ganga.

They were running a special on a strain for $8 a gram but it had already run out. If you’re looking for a little herbal relaxation to help end your day or perhaps some herbal inspiration to help get you through your day, we suggest trying The Flying Pig.

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