Environmental Impact of the Cannabis Industry – June Nuvolution Lunch and Learn

On June 21st, Nuvolution is holding a free Lunch and Learn event lead by Kaitlin Urso and Jake Mitchell on the topic of the environmental impacts of the cannabis industry. During this event, attendees can learn more about the environmental impacts the cannabis industry makes as well as the best practices for mitigating those impacts.

While cannabis can offer substantial benefits for consumers and patients as well as the economy and environment, the large cultivation of cannabis and the industrialization of the sector can also bring about negative and unwanted impacts to our environment. The event will be an open discussion to help spark dialogue regarding how as consumers and as business owners in the sector we can responsibly address any issues that could bring about adverse effects on our environment.

What to Expect

Some of the impact aspects that will be discussed during the event include but are not limited to the following.

  • Cultivation Impacts – Energy, Water Usage, Transport, Pesticides
  • Processing Impacts – Air Emissions, VOC Emissions, Ozone, CO2 Releases, Solvent Extraction and Plant Waste
  • Consumer and Packaging Impacts – Plastic Packaging, Non-Recyclable Waste from Packaging

The event will also conclude with a Q&A with panelists and a raffle drawing from the event sponsors. Below you can find short bios for Kaitlin and Jake who will be leading the discussion.

Meet the Panelists

Kaitlin Urso – Environmental Consultant

Kaitlin is a free environmental consultant for small businesses for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. She has 9 years of technical environmental experience and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Colorado. In her role, Kaitlin rotates through industries to focus on providing proactive environmental assistance to and create lasting program resources for. Kaitlin specializes in greening the craft brewing and cannabis industries.

Jake Mitchell – Sustainabis Founder and President

Jake is the Founder and President of Sustainabis, a sustainability consulting company that is focused on the cannabis industry. Before creating Sustainabis, Jake worked with municipalities and private sector businesses to create sustainability goals and plan for environmental impacts. Utilizing years of experience working with both cannabis and the environment, Jake is combining his expertise to help create a more sustainable and resilient cannabis industry.   

The Event Details

To learn more about the environmental impacts of the cannabis industry, join Nuvolution for this free event on June 21st at the Nuvolution Community Center in elevated Denver Colorado from 12pm – 2pm local time. Reserve your tickets today here and remember… sharing is caring so be sure to share this event.

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