The HolidHAZE Are Here Again My Friends

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Where did the year go? It’s already approaching the end of October and Halloween is almost knocking at the door. Soon it’ll be giant feasts of turkeys, hams, roasts, and more followed by sweet treats through the end of the year. For some people, this is a dreaded time of the year where they put on pounds. Others love the abundance of food and sweet treats to fill their bellies with.

If you’ve been blazing on something amazing, you’re most likely one of the people who love this time of year. Some cannabis strains increase your appetite giving you one hella case of the munchies. At the same time, cannabis gives you the munchies it also helps many people stabilize their metabolism and maintain a good mood. According to the NCBI, regular cannabis consumers tend to have a low BMI compared to non-consumers, plus we all know that they are usually just cool AF.

“A study in the Journal of Obesity found marijuana users had lower body fat mass, a lower BMI, and lower fasting insulin levels.”-Civilized Life

If you’re anything like me, you love candy. We all have that one that we absolutely love and the best time of year to get it it seems is Halloween. I mean who doesn’t dig free candy! Dress up in a costume and become whatever your imagination desires or your budget can afford. Laugh, dance, and trick or treat the night away scoring free candy all along the way. It’s like the ultimate stoner day! To go with your Humpday Halloween filled with screams and cries here are some spooky cannabis strains to try.



  • Ghost Train Haze– This sativa is a cross between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG that was first bred by Rare Dankness. This frightening strain of cannabis is blanketed in a dense coverage of trichomes. Consume too much, and you might just see the ghost train go by.
  • Hell’s OG– You want to talk about causing a ruckus with all kinds of muthaphukas, this indica dominant hybrid is a combination of Blackberry and OG Kush according to rumor. Although rumor also says you’ll have to go to hell and back to know the truth. Instead just pick up some Hell’s OG from your local dispensary and find out for yourself this Halloween just how hellishly good Hell’s OG is.
  • Casey Jones– No matter if you’re a hockey mask wearing vigilante or an alcoholic train conductor on your way to your demise this Halloween a strain that’s all in the name is the spooky one and only Casey Jones. This sativa will train your appetite to devour food like a freight train!
  • Green Goblin– No one’s exactly sure what created the Green Goblin, some assume Spider-Man had something to do with it. Well, not actually. It’s rumored that Skunk #1 and Northern Lights were crossed to create the Sativa known as Green Goblin. When you’re out and about rolling around town with your goblins looking for something to get into try getting into Green Goblin and goblin up some candy.
  • Durban Poison– Did that say poison? That don’t even sound attractive! Who wants poison? I do if it’s Durban Poison. Durban Poison is a landrace Sativa strain from Africa. This is one poison that you will want to pick if someone tells you to pick your poison this Halloween.


Turkey Day

Not long after Halloween, turkey day will creep up on you. Even for those of us who don’t celebrate the day, a big meal with family and friends still sounds good. Afterall, it’s not every day that everyone in the family puts on their A game and cooks the best dishes they know. Let alone bringing them all to one table.

If your family feast turns into a table of family beasts it’s ok. Why? Because you’ll be high AF and hanging out with your imaginary friend, Coma the no drama llama. Avoid all the noise by the sounds of scarfing down all the food that can be found. Coming to your aid with an assist, these strains of Mary Jane will help build your appetite.

Be careful and make sure you have a couch or bed nearby after mashing on some grub. When the effects of all that food combined with the body buzz from all that weed kick in you’re in for it my friend. Turkey day is known to have put even the biggest eater into a food coma. Luckily for you, you’ll have a trick up your sleeve to help you eat all you need if you have any of these cannabis strains on hand.

  • Amnesia Haze- Is a strain that can put you in a hazy daze. If you’re looking to kick your appetite and eat everything in sight, get your hands on some Amnesia Haze. This is a true Sativa pleaser.
  • Sonoma Coma– This Sativa will get your metabolism in high gear. The sweet, succulent flavors of these nugs will leave you looking for something yummy to put in your tummy. Who knows, you might even eat aunt Whothehells fruitcake.
  • Carmelo-Though this strain is a Sativa hybrid it has Indica roots from its Lavender heritage. Carmelo will leave you feeling happy and hungry. So, when the crew at home doesn’t leave you alone, it won’t matter because you’ll be stoned, I mean medicated. Let them brawl while you eat it all with your insatiable case of the munchies from Carmelo.
  • Diablo-This strain is a tricky little devil. You won’t know whether you get the munchies from toking on this one or from laughing so hard from the giggles. When you want to piss off everyone at the dinner table by laughing off all the turkey day turbulence you want to have this little devil in your stash. Diablo, for a devilishly good dinner time.
  • Lavender Kush-This strain is a heavy hitting Indica dominant one that is sure to give you the munchies followed by possible couch lock. Make sure your chair is a comfy one because you may just end up planted there in a food coma.


Present Day

Christmas time, Kwanza, Hanukah, no matter what you celebrate or even if you are a Scrooge and say bah-humbug to the holiday altogether, this time of year can be a bit sweeter with good weed. When it comes to giving the gift that everyone needs, give the gift of weed. Weed and the supplies needed to help you get elevated when it’s time to get medicated are always a hit amongst consumers.

Getting your hands on the gear, you’re looking for is easier than ever before. You can get all kinds of cool supplies at prices that aren’t high by shopping for “Stoner Gifts” on Amazon. Pipes, dab rigs, papers, mats trays, and stuff are all cool as h-e-double-hockey-sticks but, weed is where it’s at. Give a bud some bud and watch them light up this year.

The holidays are the perfect time to get in a holidHAZE. Get your smoke, vape, or eat on and enjoy all the festivities this year. Even a Scrooge can smile with the right doob. A friend with weed, is a friend indeed and it’s time for you to show your buds just who your friends are by scoring them some fire. If you’re at a loss on some strains to score for your bud or buds, then you might want to check out some of these nugs.

  • Red Haze– This Sativa pleaser is what you need if you have a shopping list that is going to take all week long to knock out. The potent zippy effects of this strain are said to give you the go-go juice you need to put all your gifts where they need to be.
  • Jack Frost- What would the holidays be without Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Only the Jack Frost I’m talking about will stick around and cause all kinds of fun to be found.  This Sativa dominant hybrid is known to incite hunger, happiness, and sleepiness.
  • White Widow– White Widow is a Sativa that will kick your appetite into HIGH gear. This strain can help you put away all those holiday treats you keep getting to eat. Not to mention it makes a frosty gift that will light up the face of any fellow bud.
  • Northern Lights- Do you see what I see, I’m not sure, but if you see some Northern Lights in your future then we might be looking under the same tree, or on the same shelf. This Indica will be a friend to ya making the holidays more like the holidHaze.
  • Christmas OG- Not much is known about the genetics of this strain. It seems to come around only once a year. The buds are big and green covered in red hairs and a blanket of sparkly crystal trichomes. The taste is like that of a fresh pine forest and will make you think you might be smoking the Christmas tree. Christmas OG is not for doob newbs as you may find yourself not waking up till the new year!


The New Year is Here

It’s out with the old and in with the new. The time for party night solutions and new year’s resolutions is upon us. While New Year’s Eve isn’t the night to worry about eating everything in sight, it is one to worry about keeping it down. Cannabis can’t really help with that, but it can help you not feel the effects of a night of partying so bad the next day.

Cannabidiol aka CBD is the new in trend when it comes to sending hangovers and headaches away. There all kinds of different ways you can get your CBD on this New Years Eve and even into the new year. Not only can CBD help you beat a hangover, but it can help you stick to those resolutions that you made this year.

Consumers report CBD can help to kick cigarette and alcohol addiction, fight stress and anxiety, and CBD is even helping some people lose weight. These are all common resolutions that people make and then break usually with the first month of the year. You can get your CBD in capsules, edibles, creams, lotions, salves, drinks, dabs (concentrates) and even flower making it easy to stick to your resolutions if they include CBD.

Check out these HIGH CBD cannabis strains and even NO THC flowers. They make the perfect companion to helping you beat the January 1st, worst hangover of the year and for helping you actually keep that resolution you made this year.

  • CBD Mango Haze– This Sativa has a high dose of CBD you are looking for to help your head not feel sore after a night of heavy partying. The crew at CBD Crew is responsible for this bliss. Expect a fruity sweet flavor followed with a peppery finish.
  • Cannatonic- Cannatonic is a hybrid that packs a whopping 16% CBD or better while still having an average 6% THC. When you need some weed to help clear the mind, this is some of the best you’ll find.
  • Harlequin- This Sativa is a great balance of CBD/THC averaging a 5:2 ratio. Swiss landraces along with Colombian Gold and Nepali Indica come together for this sweet pairing. To get a clear head and keep that New Year resolution this might just be the solution.
  • Shark Shock CBD- White Widow and Skunk #1 were used to create this delight. This Sativa dominant hybrid helps many people with the energy and clarity they need to get their New Year off on the right track. The high CBD in Shark Shock CBD might help you see just what you need to succeed at keeping that resolution you made.
  • Suver Haze Outdoor– Neville’s Haze is one of the genetics used to produce this legal to ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada hemp flower. CBDa tests at 18.6% and the flower are rich in the terpene myrcene. Don’t expect to get high on this guy as there is no THC present.

Cannabis doesn’t fix everything, but it does make everything a little bit better. Hopefully, these strains will help you like they have helped so many. In the true fashion of caring and sharing be sure to share this article with your buds. You never know the pain of finding the right strain that a friend may be in and this could be just the help they need. Consume responsibly and remember that a single seed can tip the scales.

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