Unconditional Love Trip 2018 – Day 4

On day 4 of the Unconditional Love Trip 2018 for Granny and Seth, we took a break and rested. It was the first cold snap of the year setting a record in Denver. Reflecting on the last few days of our trip, Seth and Granny talked about the differences in being at home vs. being here in Colorado.

Pain is real and seems to always be with you. Panic attacks are the same way for those who live with them. Pharmaceuticals have their benefits at times, (they’re not all bad) but they also can have many disadvantages. Damage to the liver and alarming addiction rates are the worst. These factors attribute to overdoses and deaths. Nobody has ever died from cannabis.

When the cold moved in, and they both started to feel it on their bones, they were able to medicate with a natural plant that left them smiling and laughing. This versus sleeping or feeling like a doped-up zombie from valium or Ativan. It was great to sit with these two and hear about life from their point of view.


Looking at Life Through the Eyes of Others

Listening to Seth talk about how great Mary’s Medicinal Pain Patches makes him feel was great. His smile said more than words could say. This guy lives with pain and anxiety every day. To see him this happy and so eager to tell the world how great the pain patches made him feel is a true testament to the power of cannabis to me.  He felt so good he even did a short video to put on his website to tell the world.

Granny is doing great but really feeling the cold snap in her bones. Ativan has loads of dangerous side effects. When Granny is in Kansas, this is the way she has to medicate. For now, her and Seth get to enjoy freedom. A principle this country was founded on that seems to be fading. People like Seth, Granny, and others should be allowed to medicate freely at home.

These invisible lines that make up America seem to be hurting its citizens. I find it embarrassing that America is behind Canada with cannabis legalization. It’s causing our country to lose out on jobs and health benefits in order to continue to demonize cannabis consumers in the country.

Seth and Granny 1
The Green Life Granny and Seth Green of Greener Pastures TN

It’s Time to Weed Out Our U.S. Government Officials

Hearing the two of them talk about not having to take big pharma’s drugs was great in one way and sad in another. WTF people? Why are we allowing our government to divide a nation and make citizens of this country suffer and choose lines to live behind? The last time our nation was divided it was one of the deadliest conflicts in U.S. history.

Today the war against cannabis has claimed countless lives to incarceration and the aftermath. Why is it that just one state line away people can use a safe, natural medicine that gives folks like Granny and Seth life instead of big pharma medicines that robs life from them? The answer to that is greed, corruption, power, and control. It’s time we stop allowing political officials to dived us.

As a nation, we need to stand up for the rights and freedoms our country stands for. Pills kill, not cannabis. Enough is enough America, let’s usher in the needed change of cannabis legalization across the country as a whole. Perhaps we could take a play out of Canada’s playbook and abolish a mistake made decades ago by a racist and misinformed American government.

Seth and Granny 2
Cannabis Advocates and Patients Lisa High and Seth Green

It Takes You to A Higher Place

Patients like Seth, Granny, and others deserve to chose what goes in their body, not their state elected officials. They are supposed to represent the people not force their own private agenda on them. We all deserve to live free in America, not just some of us. Thank you for taking the time to follow the Unconditional Love Trip 2018 with Seth Green and Lisa High.

Its been a pleasure visiting with these two, but now the time has come where I have to travel on. The road is long and filled with patients to see and stories to tell. Remember to support medical cannabis and hemp in your state. Laws don’t change unless we make them. All who support cannabis are seeds, and a single seed can tip the scales of injustice towards the favor of the people. You could be that seed.

Cannabis is medicine. A medicine that provides relief while giving life back to those who are sedated in a pharma haze. Improved mobility, better mood, less anxiety, reduced pain and more, cannabis can take you to a higher place. One where you get to live life instead of watching it through the eyes of others.

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  1. Well said and a wonderful love story too. Thank you for sharing and teaching as you go along.🌺💕

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