An Interview with Adela Falk – State Representative Candidate and Cannabis Activist

CannaLance is proud to support Adela Falk in her pursuance of a seat as the next State Representative for Missouri District 43. Adela is a 41-year-old Constitutional Conservative Republican and a Federally recognized Native American from the Cherokee Tribe of Tahlequah Oklahoma. She is also the very first woman to run for this position. She is a passionate and dedicated individual who helps to better the lives of everyone she meets. As you will see from our interview below, Adela has nothing but the mission of bettering lives for her constituents in mind. For several years we have followed Adela in her cannabis advocacy, and it was an honor to interview her for this article.


CannaLance: Why did you decide to run for office as a Missouri State Representative?

Adela Falk: I decided to run for State Representative in Missouri District 43 because the incumbent was termed out and the opportunity to run for office was perfect. I also want to be the change I want to see. I feel I can bring fresh new solutions to old problems. I have always been politically inclined and active. I felt this was the next step in my activism.

Cannabis Advocacy

CL: Do you feel that your previous cannabis advocacy will help you better represent your constituents?

AF: Yes, I absolutely do. As my cannabis activism changed my life and trickled into so many issues that I am now so passionate about. It was through my cannabis activism that I became so passionate about advocating for prison reform, for private rights, for jury duty: jury immunity, and nullification, the prison industrial complex, and basic human rights. The fact that I understand that one issue can influence and effect so many parts of one’s life gives me insight to what can happen when our gov’t passes good and bad laws. And, to be aware of my actions. I think that awareness will help me be a great politician.

Adela Falk Campaigning for State Representative District 43 Missouri

CL: I love your grassroots approach; can you tell me a little about how you have been campaigning and what that experience has been like thus far?

AF: I have been running my campaign using a grassroots approach because I want to prove you can be a competitive candidate with a limited budget. I want to prove you can win a campaign by meeting your neighbors and constituents. That going door to door and meeting the public gets you votes not yard signs. Not to mention I am a minimalist and love the environment so I don’t want to waste and pollute our environment. The experience has been amazing. I have met so many of my wonderful neighbors from a 98-year-old woman living on her own who works 10 hours a day in town, to people who knew my grandfather, to 18-year-olds who are voting for the first time. The whole experience has been very humbling.

37637285_2344260395593541_8541254693932761088_nCL: Other than cannabis, what are your passions?

AF: I am passionate about prison reform, about changing the prison industrial complex. I was a Mathematics and Art teacher, so I am very passionate about our children and our education system. I am also passionate about the opioid epidemic. I feel we are really failing the citizens of this nation by allowing Big Pharma to continue to destroy our citizens by allowing this epidemic to continue; or to incarcerate them for having an addiction that was created by their doctor. And, everyone knows I am the most passionate about our Constitution and making sure our rights are secure- I am for less gov’t and less taxes.

CL: What are your immediate priorities if elected?

AF: I want to pass Industrial Hemp- I want to make sure that all local farmers can cultivate hemp. I believe that will come with an immediate jump in jobs and economic growth. I also want to start a decriminalization bill for my constituents – as many other districts next to us have. That will help stop arrests and stop incarcerations for small amounts of cannabis.  I want to work immediately with the local women’s prison in my district to start providing counseling, rehabilitation, and educational services so that these ladies are ready and able to be productive members of society upon release – thus lowering recidivism rates.

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Thank you, Adela, for your dedication to and passion for helping others, as well as your time speaking with us. We wish you the best of luck in your journey to becoming the next State Representative for Missouri’s 43rd district! You can learn more about Adela and support her mission at!

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