Affinity Bio Partners Chosen as CRO


Upcoming Proof of Concept Clinical Study on ELYSIUM CBD and Epileptic Patients by Cannavalon Biosciences Inc.

Affinity Bio Partners is excited to announce that they along with their partners at HCXperience Inc. have been selected as the Clinical Research Organization to work with Cannavalon Biosciences, Inc. in their upcoming Proof of Concept Epilepsy Clinical Study. Cannavalon first announced their selection in a press release on May 15th. According to Bill Arnold, the CEO of Cannavalon BioSciences, Affinity Bio Partners is the ideal CRO partner due to their “extensive expertise and capabilities in managing clinical studies in the CBD clinical industry.” He also stated that the selection of a CRO “is a crucial and very important step prior to initiating patient enrollment into the Proof of Concept clinical study.”


Introducing Cannavalon Biosciences

Cannavalon Biosciences is a Northern-California based company that operates processing and growing facilities in Sonoma County. Their primary focuses include science-to-sale operations, product validation, and cannabinoid research. Since 2007 the company has gained extensive knowledge and experience surrounding the cultivation of cannabis as well as oil extraction. They have also merged with Vinea Labs, Inc ELYSIUM CBD and Elysium Wellness which has allowed them also to intensify their cannabinoid research and testing ventures.


About the Study and the Role Affinity Bio Partners and HCXperience Will Play

The upcoming Proof of Concept epilepsy clinical study will include ten adolescent or child patients that have been diagnosed with epilepsy. The study aims to measure the efficiency of base as a treatment option for epileptic patients.

Affinity Bio Partners is tasked with handing clinical operations of the clinical trial such as protocol design, the Patient Recruitment strategy, liaising with the researcher, randomization of patients, and patient recruitment material. They will be working with their tech partner to review the data and to compose the white paper. HCXP’s technology will be utilized to see real-time electronic patient reportable outcome data for this study according to the original press release.


About Affinity Bio Partners (ABP) and HCXperiences Inc.

Affinity Bio Partners is a CRO (Clinical Research Organization) that provides clinical trial services to clients that leverage the skills and expertise of their staff. They have an extensive profile that includes work with numerous companies in the nutraceutical, biotech, CBD, and medical cannabis sectors.  You can learn more about Affinity Bio Partners and their founder Christina DiArcangelo Puller in one of our previous articles here.

HCXperiences Inc. is a Pennsylvania based tech company and partner of ABP. They specialize in providing health care solutions to partners across the country. Their focus in on improving how healthcare related data is captured and reported as well as impact change within the sector.

“We are so pleased to have the opportunity to operationalize and manage the upcoming Cannavalon Biosciences’ Epilepsy Clinical Study and truly help patients with unmet medical needs. For the last four years, the Elysium Collective Families have been an integral part of Cannavalon Biosciences’ application and field testing of its Medical-Grade, Cannabis-Based, CBD Botanicals, with the purpose of healing patients and enhancing their quality of life—as well as the lives of those who love them.  Cannavalon Biosciences should be the standard that other Biotech companies hold themselves too with their ability of truly understanding the efficacy of their products as well as the dosing.” -Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO, Affinity Bio Partners.


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