DoTERRA CPTG Essential Oils and Craft Cannabis

Plant medicine, I love the stuff. I’m not just talking about cannabis. I’m talking about all kinds of plant medicine. Aloe Vera is one I have always loved. It has always been my go to cactus plant. Cannabis has recently transformed from a high to a medication. I mean we always knew it made us feel good but damn! We didn’t have any clue that pot was good for so many things. At least most of us didn’t.

doTERRA Essential Oils available through Oils of Time
doTERRA Essential Oils available through Oils of Time

DōTERRA CPTG Certified Essential oils and cannabis are where it’s at for me! I love the pairing. That is why I am a DōTERRA wellness advocate and cannabis business owner. The quality that goes into every bottle of DōTERRA essential oil provides incredible benefits to not only myself but my entire family including the baby and the dog.

One of the most commonly used essential oils in our household is lavender. Next is anybody’s guess. Lime for restless knees, frankincense for headaches, melaleuca and cedar oils to repel insects when outdoors, you never know what blend of DōTERRA essential oils might be on the menu. Speaking of menus, did I mention these incredible oils are super sensational for cooking with?

Infuse Your Food and Your Body With Plants

When you want to kick your food just a drop will do. It’s almost like a dab; you know just a dab’ll do. If you want to make some sensational cannabis-infused cuisine, try adding some DōTERRA essential oils to that recipe. Remember just a drop. Black pepper, rosemary, lavender, lime, wild orange, tangerine, ginger, and more can all work their way into your foods and drinks.

Holy Anointing Oil from The Hope Grows Foundation

Make that cannabis-infused margarita even better with a touch of DōTERRA lemon and lime essential oils. The Hope Grows Foundation has a product called Holy Anointing Oil that goes hand-in-hand with my DōTERRA essential oils. I use Holy Anointing Oil on a daily basis when I can. It’s available in two different versions. One has THC while the other does not.

The CBD version is what I use when I am in prohibition states. When I’m in Colorado though I used the original Holy Anointing Oil formula from The Hope Grows Foundation. This is another excellent example of how plant medicine can be super beneficial.

This Holy Anointing Oil helps a wide variety of different things. Anxiety, neuropathy, joint and muscle pain, depression, eczema, burns, bruises, cuts, and it may also help promote relaxation and sleep. Holy Anointing Oil also promotes good blood circulation. This means it makes an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from erectile dysfunction too.

What Makes It All Work

The human body has an endocannabinoid system. Within the bodies, endocannabinoid system are two types of receptors. CB1 and CB2 receptors are their names. When they become saturated with a balance of cannabinoids a variety of different mechanisms within the body start to function better, one of which is two-way communication between nerves and cells.

Cannabis Plant - Photo by CannaLance
Cannabis Plant – Photo by CannaLance

Plant medicine, in general, has been around for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that harmaceuticals began taking over with synthetic versions of plant medicine. Since the prohibition of cannabis big pharma swept across the country quietly poisoning millions.

Thankfully the information era of the internet has allowed millions of people to open their eyes and minds to plant-based medicines once again. I recently learned a story about my DōTERRA OnGuard being very similar to a blend of oil that is called the thieves blend. This unique blend of oil has a place in history helping to defeat the plague. How come we’re not taught about this in school? Perhaps it’s because a patient cured is a customer lost. Maybe they don’t want you to have this knowledge. Regardless of the what ifs I can tell you personally I love plant medicine.

Article by: James Priest

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