H.E.O.E You Can Help End the Opioid Epidemic Too

HEOE STEERING COMMITTEE (L to R): Rob Axley, Patrice Clark MBA, James Priest, Assistant Director Kyle Dijon Hill MS, Adrian Bruneau, Kelly Williams MBA, Jennifer Richardson RN, Kathryn Gentry, Jonathan “Gio” Stelly, Derrick Martin, COO Kimberly Lincoln PhD, Ali Ahmed, CEO Travis Nelson, Amber Wick, Sam Faris, Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed MD, Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP, Nick Faris, Olivia Faris, Jennifer Fulker FPC, PHR, Christa Potter RN, Ty Gunderson, Joseph Orgel PhD, Kebra Smith-Bolden RN, Anita Sommers,Danielle Espinel, Hitch Hickerson, Susan Hickerson, Melanie Rose Rogers and Eric Roley MBA.

Helping End the Opioid Epidemic (HEOE) is here to help put a stop to the opioid epidemic. The steering committee has a vision of a place where people have access to beating addiction, depression, and one where they can achieve a higher quality of life.

The HEOE steering committee is supervised by the hempsational Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD MPH FAAFP. Dr. Uma also brings with her the Total Health Care (THC) model which she has donated to the project at THC La Clinica.

Medical Director Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP

H.E.O.E is always looking for volunteers that can help. If you have a skillset that you’d like to volunteer for the H.E.O.E project, please contact the projects Director Travis Nelson.

HEOE Executive Director Travis Nelson
Helping End the Opioid Epidemic (HEOE) Executive Director Travis Nelson

HEOE is currently seeking medical professionals including physicians, PhDs, and laboratory scientists who are interested in Helping End the Opioid Epidemic. Anyone interested in volunteering please reach out to Chief Operations Officer Kimberly Lincoln Ph.D. at Laclinica007@gmail.com.

Kimberly M. Lincoln, Ph.D.

The opioid epidemic claims the lives of more than 90 people in America every day. This is not going away on its own, the problems getting worse. The U.S. consumes an estimated 80% of the planets opioids. There is hope though. Cannabis is that hope for so many. Cannabis is an exit drug from pharma, alcohol, tobacco, and other dangers.

Cannabis is an Exit Drug

States such as Colorado that have legal rec access to cannabis for adults see an average of up to a 25% reduction in opioid deaths. Cannabis is only misunderstood by many who don’t support it. The anti-cannabis propaganda that has circulated for over eight decades won’t be undone in just a few short years. It will take time.

H.E.O.E has direction and goals set to achieve. Each milestone passed is one step closer to saving and changing lives. The goals for the group may seem ambitious to some but believe me when I say they can all be achieved. Check out what’s going on currently.

 “The plan for the HEOE project is to open La Clinica doors on April 24, 2018, to begin prescreening patients who are struggling with opioid addiction in Colorado. Any of these individuals struggling with opioid addiction will be given the option to sign up for the HEOE project.

They will participate in a scientific clinical study, measuring the effectiveness of medical cannabis and other forms of nonconventional therapy on opioid use cessation. The participants of this study will be provided with complementary care including a Physician’s Recommendation for a state medical cannabis license.

These patients will also receive complimentary quarterly follow up appointments and access to monthly support meetings led by Dr. Uma Dhanabalan at La Clinica.  The patients will be provided with a renewal appointment to update their medical cannabis license at the end of the study.

Throughout this process, data will be collected to measure the success rate of the HEOE project. Upon completion of the pilot project at La Clinica, the THC© Model will be expanded to an additional five locations in Colorado.”-  Project Director Travis Nelson


There’s Power in Unity

Amazing people have come together to for the H.E.O.E Steering Committee. These are people like you and me who share the same ideals and goals towards helping end the opioid epidemic. Together they are making a difference. You can be a part of this too. The opioid epidemic effects everyone. With your help, we can make the dream of a much-needed turn into a reality.

The project is one being funded by the people. Currently, H.E.O.E is looking to secure $50k in funds to open THC La Clinica to the public and $5k in funds raised monthly to maintain barebones operations. Together we can help make this happen.  There are a lot of us out there in this great big sea of green that can help this cause.

THC La Clinica

Contact Information for H.E.O.E:

Each person represents a seed. A seed that was buried by dirt. They though the seeds were gone as the dirt gave a smooth appearance on the surface. Little did they know the seeds they buried would germinate into a sea of green.

Today that sea of green is coming together to change the tides of time towards a positive future for cannabis.

A single seed can tip the scales.

Be the seed.


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