CannabisGxP: Implementing GMP for Medical Cannabis Companies In Israel


The medical cannabis market in Israel is much different than it is in America. States are still fighting for cannabis legalization let alone the ability to conduct controlled studies. Meanwhile, untampered research has been conducted in Israel for over two decades. Cannabis can be dirty. We face this issue in much of the U.S. such as the merging concerns about the quality of cannabis for consumers in California.

Israel’s research on cannabis and how they use this research for a variety of patient’s medical conditions and treatment has given them the role as an authority on medical cannabis. When it comes to safety and the clinical methodology of medical cannabis, Israel is the leader.

While researching cannabis in Israel a friend of mine, Avraham Tillinger, introduced me to Eran Yona. Eran is the owner/president of CannabisGxP located in Israel. For over a decade, Eran’s been providing product development, medical device development, quality, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) consultancy services for world leading pharmaceutical companies.

In the past 5 years, Eran applies these skills to medical cannabis companies with a strong focus on product safety, efficacy, and quality. CannabisGxP is a subsidiary company of Bio-Chem. Bio-Chem is more involved in the Bio-Med industry than the medical cannabis industry.

CannabisGxP is focused solely on the cannabis industry in a multitude of different levels. Novel delivery systems, product development, new facility design, regulation, training, quality assurance/control, and good practices are a few ways they’re helping medical cannabis companies and research in Israel.

The Tools To Succeed

With an MBA in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Engineering, Eran Yona brings over 20 years of dedication and hard work to the table with him. CannabisGxP provides new product development as well as quality and regulation to the Bio-Pharmaceutical and medical cannabis industries.

All this knowledge and dedication is now being applied toward medical cannabis through CannabisGxP in a variety of different ways. CannabisGxP has a goal of moving the global cannabis industry towards “pharma grade products”. With this direction, they aim to improve cannabis products for patients and increase treatment efficacy immensely.

In addition, CannabisGxP is helping to implement an effective quality system, as well as good agriculture, manufacturing and distribution practices for medical cannabis companies. The implementation of these practices will create a much purer, safer, and high-quality product for patients and consumers.

In Israel, cannabis is not viewed as a gateway or street drug. Instead, cannabis is respected for the medicine that it is. It must be grown and produced according to regulated quality standards based on the Israeli Ministry of Health Regulatory Requirements.

It would only make sense that a leader in facilitating the medical industry in Israel would help implement responsible practices like GAP (good agricultural practices), GMP (good manufacturing practices), GDP (good document practices), and GxPs (good practices) into the field of medical cannabis.

CannabisGxP Helps Set Standards of Excellence for Medical Cannabis Companies

CannabisGxP offers services that provide the foundation for success for emerging medical cannabis companies and projects. From new cannabis growing and manufacturing facilities and design to unique delivery systems, cannabis product development, and more. CannabisGxP also provides companies with safety, quality control, and cost-effective technologies.

Based on their vast practical experience in-front of the FDA/CE/Eu. regulatory bodies, CannabisGxP has proven they have what it takes to build an effective quality management system, implement GMP standards and to train clients to meet these requirements. American medical cannabis companies are moving their research to Israel to benefit from these standards. Here are some of the services offered by CannabisGxP.

  • New cannabis growing and manufacturing facilities design
  • Cannabis growing and products manufacturing technology
  • Novel Cannabinoids development and manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance and Good Practices
  • Cannabis products testing and clinical trials
  • Cannabis products regulation and submission

Eran Yona

To help answer some questions about the medical cannabis market in Israel, Eran offered to express his view and knowledge of this subject for the readers.  Without any further delay here’s a short Q&A with CannabisGxP founder/president Eran Yona.

CannaLance: How many years have you been working with medical cannabis in Israel?

CannabisGxP Owner/President Eran Yona: Since 2012.  My company CannabisGxP has played an active role in the Israeli cannabis industry, which was not regulated at all. Only in 2013, did the Israeli Ministry of Health and its medical cannabis branch become involved in the local cannabis industry. Regulatory guidelines were discussed and published gradually accordingly.

CannaLance: What is the biggest trend you’ve seen in the last few years with medical cannabis research in Israel?

Eran: Moving from cannabis as palliative treatment towards other “lighter” medical conditions such as Turret Syndrome, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, and others backed up with clinical trials. In addition, moving from unsafe and low-quality products towards a higher quality standard and much more regulated industry. Many of the academic and R&D companies in Israel are focused on new extraction and delivery system technologies development.

CannaLance: Israel is setting up legislation for global medical cannabis exports. What are your thoughts on issues of quality and safety pertaining to this matter?

Eran: Israel is moving towards governmental approval to export its cannabis products globally. Export will be enabled for manufacturers that maintain an effective quality system as well as procedures, validations, and training in accordance with GMP standards. These products will be pharma grade products that will meet all release specifications related to safety, efficacy, and quality. For example, in addition to cannabinoid concentrations, products will be tested for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, toxins, microbial levels, approved shelf life, chemical/physical contaminants and more. Labeling must reflect these standards too.

CannaLance: Knowing what you know about medical cannabis safety and procedure involved for businesses if you could say something to America about medical cannabis, what would it be?

Eran: Cannabis is being used for patient’s treatment and for well-being purposes. As such, cannabis must meet high-quality standards. Although this industry is currently not regulated, cannabis products need to be safe and must not risk patients and/or consumers health. Cannabis should have minimal side effects. Many low-quality products are available in the market these days. Make sure the products you consume are of quality so you can achieve the desired effect consistently.

Through unity of our cultures, we can learn great things from each other. Cannabis is a powerful medicine and has the potential to change medicine today. of course, it is going to meet opposition but all great things do. Unity is what I believe those in power fear most about cannabis.

Through continued education about this plant, we can together remove the stigmas that have so negatively impacted its progress and acceptance in today’s society. I’d like to give a special thank you to Eran Yona for taking the time to speak with me for this article.


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