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Are you tired of standing up and watching as your expensive glass bowls falls slowly to the floor and shatters to a million pieces leaving you with nothing but a mess and tears? Are you tired of metal bowls that leave a funky metallic taste in your mouth? Are you ready for a better, cleaner, and healthier way to toke a bowl? If you answered yes to any of these questions above, you are going to want to read to learn more about the amazing products offered by Hightanium Design!

Logo Hightanium Design

My Hightanium Experience

Hightanium Design is a U.S. based husband and wife owned and operated company who offers titanium smoking accessories for your toking pleasure! I’ve had the opportunity to try their amazing products which are made in Colorado, and they made for an exceptional sesh! I have tried quite a few “one-hitters” in my time and Hightanium Design’s versions known as “The Outlaw” and “The Why Not” both blew them all out the water! I absolutely love tasting the flavor of my cannabis, but I often break my glass pieces, and I can’t stand the taste of metal from traditional bowls. With the products from Hightanium Design, I can enjoy the taste of my herb without the fear of breaking yet another glass bowl or experiencing the spine wrenching flavor of metal.

Hightanium Products
From L to R; The Vagabond, The Why Not, and the Voo Doo Custom Design

The Value of Smoking from Titanium vs. Aluminum

Not only does smoking from a titanium bowl offer a better experience, but it also offers a healthier one. You see traditional bowls which are typically made from aluminum present the risk of releasing toxic fumes when they are heated. Titanium does not. According to the Hightanium Design website,

“Unlike most trace minerals, the body does not need aluminum. Aluminum accumulates in your kidneys, brain, lungs, liver, and thyroid where it can compete with the body’s ability to absorb calcium leading to bone loss.”

Glass bowls aren’t much safer either unless you know where you are getting them from such as a local glass artist because many of them are shipped from overseas and to be able to pass customs, they must not have a hole in the bowl. This means that they are often sent to the U.S. and the hole is then drilled into the glass. This can leave behind micro glass fragments that can cause major damage if inhaled into your lungs.

Luckily with the products from Hightanium Design, you never have to worry about whether or not you are doing damage to your organs when you are simply trying to medicate or get elevated.

The Outlaw Hightanium Design
The Outlaw by Hightanium Design

How Hightanium Came to Be

Creating amazing titanium smoking accessories hasn’t always been the focus of Lesley Lumpkin and her husband’s career. Before they founded Hightanium Design in 2015, they ran a business that made neurology and ophthalmology surgery prototypes. When a dear friend of theirs was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and chose to utilize cannabis, they came to Lesley and her husband in need of a cleaner, healthier way to medicate which meant aluminum was out of the question, and the breakability of glass was much too risky.

At this time, they had titanium on hand from the prototypes they made, so they set out to make their “first ever titanium cigarette.” The titanium they were using was surgery grade CP2 titanium or rather surgery grade commercially pure titanium which contains absolutely no aluminum meaning it was the purest, healthiest, and cleanest titanium possible. This is what allows every product from Hightanium Design to smoke like glass, not just the first time, but every time providing a cleaner more flavorful and healthier way to not just sesh but also to medicate!

Check out the Hightanium Design website today to see all of the amazing high-quality titanium smoking and toking products they offer and help support this hempsational small business.


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