Helping End the Opioid Epidemic (HEOE) Project Moves Forward

Article by Travis Nelson – CEO of HEOE

DENVER—On January 27th the Steering Committee for the Fight Opiate Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis and the Faris Green Campus met at the Appaloosa Grill in Denver.  This was the group’s third meeting discussing how they will move forward in Huerfano County, both the Faris Green Campus which will be located West of the truck stop at Interstate 25 and Colorado State Highway 69 and the Helping End the Opioid Epidemic (HEOE) project which will be launched at La Clinica in Gardner Colorado.

HEOE STEERING COMMITTEE (L to R): Rob Axley, Patrice Clark MBA, James Priest, Assistant Director Kyle Dijon Hill MS, Adrian Bruneau, Kelly Williams MBA, Jennifer Richardson RN, Kathryn Gentry, Jonathan “Gio” Stelly, Derrick Martin, COO Kimberly Lincoln PhD, Ali Ahmed, CEO Travis Nelson, Amber Wick, Sam Faris, Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed MD, Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP, Nick Faris, Olivia Faris, Jennifer Fulker FPC, PHR, Christa Potter RN, Ty Gunderson, Joseph Orgel PhD, Kebra Smith-Bolden RN, Anita Sommers,Danielle Espinel, Hitch Hickerson, Susan Hickerson, Melanie Rose Rogers and Eric Roley MBA.

Around forty members of the steering committee were able to attend this recent meeting.  These members included various PhDs, Medical Doctors, nurses, students and various players from the legal cannabis industry.  A presentation was given to the Steering Committee by the board members of Helping End the Opioid Epidemic.

To learn more check out the original full article by Travis Nelson CEO of HEOE on here.


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