The Fight Opioid Overdose and Addiction with Medical Cannabis Project Fundraising Event

The Fight Opioid Overdose and Addiction with Medical Cannabis Project Fundraising Event

The Fight Opioid Overdose and Addiction with Medical Cannabis Project (FOOAMCP) is holding their 3rd steering committee meeting this month on the 27th at the Wright Room located in the Appaloosa Grill. The meeting takes place for members from 12-2pm MST. At 2 pm you can sign in for the fundraiser and take advantage of photo opportunities. At 2:30 there will be a speaking engagement featuring Dr. Uma Dhanabalan and Travis Nelson.

From 3:30 till 5 pm you’ll have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. You’re also welcomed to make any contributions to support the project during this time. Contributions in the amount of $250 or higher are fully tax-deductible. Admission for the fundraiser and networking event will be a $25 donation. Or, you can purchase 50 of the turquoise fundraiser bracelets that say “Helping end the opioid epidemic” for $100. Proceeds from the FOOAMCP event will go toward funding for the project.

The opioid epidemic is one that is plaguing our country and every corner of the globe. Prescription drug addiction, dependency, and abuse have led to staggering overdose rates. The CDC estimates more than 91 people die every day by way of prescription drug misuse. One of the most alarming statistics deals with global population and opioid consumption. While America only holds 5% of the global population that 5% consumes 80% of the world’s opioids.

The opioid epidemic is one fueled by a community we put our faith and trust in when it comes to our health. It’s time to hold those responsible accountable and take action to make a change. Viable solutions to not only slow this epidemic down but to stop it must be implemented and acted upon. The steering committee of THC La Clinica aims to do just that.

The CEO of the Fight Opioid Overdose and Addiction with Medical Cannabis Project, Travis Nelson has helped to spearhead this much-needed project. Travis Nelson has a great deal of experience when it comes to advocacy and coordination. Since July of 2015, Travis Nelson has been an active member of the Huerfano County Democratic Party Central Committee where he’s an Events Coordinator and Lead Volunteer.

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP, the project as the supervisor. She’s one of the leading professionals supporting cannabis advocacy globally. Dr. Uma is held in high regards when it comes to endocannabinoid research. You can find Dr. Uma on any given day preaching and teaching to the world that cannabis is not a gateway drug.

A common phrase you’ll hear her say is “cannabis is an exit drug.” By this, she means cannabis is not the gateway drug that it’s been made out to be in the past by Propaganda. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Medical cannabis helps people to get off of dangerous prescription drugs. This is why she calls it an exit drug.

If you’re in Colorado on January 27th, 2018 and have time, you should attend this fundraising event. If you’d like to volunteer your services to help the FOOAMCP, please contact Travis Nelson via LinkedIn for more information. This fundraiser is a way to meet some incredible people. People who are dedicated not only to what is turning into an industry but people who’ve been dedicated to a community and culture for years.

You can get all the info you need about the fundraiser and the FOOAMCP here.

The cannabis lifestyle alone invokes community involvement. There’s strength in numbers and power in unity. We can make a difference. We can help change draconian laws. Together we can support a positive, much-needed change. The cannabis culture knows all about unity. You might even say that we put the unity, in the community. I hope to see you at the fundraiser event on Jan 27th for the Fight Opioid Overdose and Addiction with Medical Cannabis Project.

By: James Priest of CannaLance

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