The Cannabis Culture Saga


Jodie and Marc Emery are synonymous with cannabis in Canada. This powerful couple are known for their work with the Cannabis Culture brand as well as for their political cannabis activism across Canada as well as around the world. In 2016 the two decided to take on a new venture with Cannabis Culture and open franchise locations across the country.

Unfortunately, in March of 2016, the Canadian government and law enforcement officials started what would be known as Project Gator to crack down on their operations. As a result, Jodie and Marc Emery were arrested in March and all Cannabis Culture locations across Canada were raided resulting in the additional arrest of 17 employees.

Together these 19 individuals faced dozens of drug-related charges in court on Monday. Jodie and Marc Emery entered a guilty plea in exchange for all but 3 of the other employees walking freely. Marc and Jodie Emery along with Chris and Erin Goodwin as well as Britney Guerra make up what media is calling the “CC 5”.

Marc entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to trafficking marijuana, possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking as well as a charge for possessing proceeds from crime in the amount of more than $5,000. Jodie entered the same charge with the exception of the trafficking charge.

"The CC 5"
“The CC 5”

The two were sentenced to $195,000 fine each which includes a  $45,000 “victim surcharge” according to this article. The other three members of the “CC5” and former employees of Cannabis Culture pled guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime.

So, what is next for Cannabis Culture and the “CC 5”? At this point the future is uncertain but you can be sure that we will keep you updated in the weeks and months to come.

To learn more about Project Gator, this power couple and the charges they faced, check out this in-depth article covering it all here.

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