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Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project

Travis Nelson is a visionary and a man with many talents, one of the greatest, in my opinion, is his ability to bring people together. When you’re looking for consulting from someone who grew up in this culture before it became the industry it is today, look no further than, Travis Nelson.


Mr. Nelson is currently the Executive Director of the Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project THC La Clinica. He’s also the Director of Colorado Operations & Co-founder of Intacto, LLC, the Co-founder of Sangre AgroTech, and the Deputy Director at NORML Southern Colorado (SoCo). As you can see there’s no shortage of dedication when it comes to Travis Nelson.

What Travis Is In To These days

With a passion for cannabis combined with the desire to change the world for the better Travis helped to save a place in Gardner Colorado, La Clinica. La Clinica is now the home for the Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project (FOAOMCP) supervised by Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP.

Today this project has budded into a powerful Steering Committee overseeing many vital areas of the project. The goal of all of these people is the same. A goal of helping bring a positive and much-needed change to the table to help fight the opioid epidemic that’s claiming so many lives daily.

Where to Find Travis Nelson

Huerfano County AKA the Marijuana Promise Land is a place Travis calls home. Based out of SoCo (Southern Colorado) helping the world with the Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project is where you’re most likely to find Travis. Steering Committee meetings for this project are held at various times and locations across Colorado. The next Steering Committee meeting is in Denver Colorado on January 27 from noon till 2pm with a fundraiser following from 2:30-4:30.

If you’re looking to connect with Mr. Nelson, there are several ways in which you can go about doing so. Travis is always on the lookout for individuals that can contribute to the facilitation of cannabis education. You can contact Travis about the project or other inquiries by connecting with him on LinkedIn, via email at or by visiting the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association website here.


When Did It All Get Started

A few decades ago a young Travis was playing in the dirt and sunshine watching sweet Mary Jane grow. Quite a bit has changed since those days. Cannabis legalization is happening. This couldn’t come quick enough. The world is plagued by an epidemic that is claiming the lives of everyone from the poor to the well to do.

The Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project is a recently developed project gaining epic momentum. Its purpose is to show the effectiveness of cannabis as a medicine and to help curb the Opioid Epidemic that is destroying so many lives.

It all stemmed from saving the La Clinica in Gardner. The idea behind saving La Clinica was “to transform a defunct clinic into a CBD & THC Medical Information and Resources Center”. It all got started in March of 2016 with Travis as the Lead Volunteer for the La Clinica Fundraiser.

From there it was just a matter of time. The goal now was in cultivating the necessary connections to build a solid foundation for research and education for La Clinica. Travis has done an impeccable job at organizing the Steering Committee for the FOAOMCP as well as protecting the rights of cannabis consumers in Colorado.

Why Travis Nelson Does What He Does

If you were to ask Travis why he’s doing all of this the answer would be a simple one. Because someone must. Cannabis is medicine and it’s “HIGH” time the rest of the country and world gets to learn the truth. When politicians say more research is needed there is truth to this.

Solid research without the influence of political authority is what’s needed. Research on quality, dosing, cultivation, conservation and more are needed. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) need to be implemented in the cannabis industry.

To help usher the new green era of cannabis into society it’ll take dedicated visionaries with knowledge and connections. Instead of being focused on how much money cannabis can make, these individuals will focus on how many lives cannabis can save.

Travis Nelson has accomplished this task. By saving La Clinica back in 2016 he has secured the future home of a project aimed at helping make all of humanity a little bit better.


How You Can Help

While the Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project is only one of many endeavors Travis Nelson is involved in, it could quite possibly be one of the most important ones. If you feel you could help this project you are encouraged to reach out to Travis. Volunteers are needed to help make this project reach the far corners of our globe.

The opioid epidemic claims an estimated 91 lives in America alone every day. While America only makes up 5% of the world’s population it consumes 80% of the world’s opioids! This must stop. More than 5,000 people daily across the country are treated in emergency facilities for prescription drug misuse. We can help this though.

Let’s help each other. Let’s help the nation. Let’s help the world. Together we can bring a much need change to a desperate situation. If you’d like to volunteer to help this much-needed project, contact Travis Nelson today. You can help to bring an end to a growing problem by supporting the Fight Opioid Addiction and Overdose with Medical Cannabis Project.

Dr Uma

Cannabis can help. States with legal access to cannabis see a reduction in prescription drug overdoses and deaths. Cannabis ISN’T a “gateway drug”, it’s an “EXIT DRUG”, an exit from the grip of pharmaceutical dependency. It’s not just hype. Cannabis has helped a plethora of people with an abundance of conditions.

There’s an abundance of stories covering the ability that cannabis has to reduce opioid addiction and overdose in states that have legal retail access to cannabis. Rather than cover the same news the talented other writers have featured, I HIGHLY suggest checking out their articles below with the links provided. Here you will see a trend of news that keeps saying the same thing. It’s time to ask your elected leaders why they keep saying more research is needed.


A Deeper Look at Where This Problem Comes From

We are at a pivotal point with the growing opioid epidemic. This isn’t a new problem nor are the sources of the problem new. You might even say we have an ADVANCED crisis on our hands. Those who stand up to these giants often don’t end up doing so well. Perhaps that’s why these stories are not mainstream daily news. Maybe that’s why many of the business raided below were back in business the next day. You never see that with a cannabis dispensary. Some of these stories go back to 2010!


Perdue Pharma, have you ever heard of these folks? Chances are you have. Purdue Pharma is the maker of the deadly prescription drug doctors pass out like dinner mints at a buffet called OxyContin. Here is a bit of light reading about all their nasty doings. They make billions and are only fined millions while being allowed to keep doing business. I won’t even get started about their FDA approval for OxyContin for kids as young as 11-years old and up as long as they can already handle a certain dosage of hydrocodone. Just look at the list below of lawsuits against Perdue Pharma. Follow the backlinks in these articles and see where the breadcrumb trail leads you. The problem isn’t just with Perdue Pharma, it stretches deeper to reach our family physician and other medical professionals that many of us trust.

Please Help Share This with Everyone You Know

By sharing this article with everyone you know you may just help to save a life. Many people don’t know where to look to find all these stories that seem to be buried in cyberspace. There are over a dozen links in this article to solidify the importance that something must be done.

The Opioid Epidemic we face is here because we allow it to be. Our democracy has failed us when it comes to the health and well-being of the people placing profits over society. It’s time we take control of our children’s future and end this epidemic before it can continue any further. Cannabis is medicine and it can help in ways that those making the billions already know. Let’s show the world together what cannabis can do. CANNABIS ISN’T A GATEWAY DRUG, IT’S AN EXIT DRUG.

If you or someone you know has an addiction to prescription drugs, please get help for them before it’s too late. They thought they had won and that they had buried all the cannabis consumers and supporters over the last few decades. Little did they know that each person was a seed. They buried so many seeds that these seeds have now germinated into a forest. A single seed can tip the scales of injustice towards the favor of the people. Be the seed.

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