5 Reasons Why Social Media is Important for Cannabis Businesses

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Social media. This is something we’re all familiar with. What many people don’t realize however is just how crucial social media is for businesses today. This is even truer for businesses within the cannabis sector seeing how many of the traditional marketing and advertising avenues are not available for businesses who work with the plant.

This is where social media comes into play. It’s crucial that cannabis businesses have an active social media presence on a daily basis. This is true for a number of reasons a few of which we have listed below!

1- Loyalty

Providing entertainment or information to your followers on a daily basis shows that you are loyal to them. By being loyal not only to them but also to your business by posting to social media daily you show that you’re in it to win it and serious about your business. This means a lot to potential customers and clients.

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2- Leadership

By sharing information and education on a daily basis to your social media followers you show leadership within your specific niche in the cannabis industry. By becoming a daily reliable source where people can seek out current and updated information makes your business that much more reputable and well known.

3- Dedication

Showing that you can be dedicated to running your social media on a daily basis also makes consumers more confident about your dedication to providing high-quality services and products to consumers and clients in the cannabis community and culture.


4- SEO

Search Engine Optimization. Also known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a term that many business owners did not hear about until they started to develop their brand within the cannabis industry simply due to the fact of how important it is for businesses. SEO is a technique that should be applied to not only your web copy on your website and blogs but also to your social media posts.

By posting to your social media on a daily basis you help to increase your SEO and strengthen your brand’s ranking in common internet browsers. When developing your business’s SEO strategy it’s important to also keep your social media in mind.

5- Networking

Social media is about being well social. By being social and interacting with your followers on a daily basis you are networking without even realizing it. By posting to your social media on a regular basis you are increasing your network as well as your overall reach within the community and culture which is crucial to businesses within the sector today.

These are just a few of the benefits of maintaining an active social media presence across all platforms on a daily basis. Can you think of any other benefits to being active on social media for businesses within the cannabis industry? If so please let us know in the comments below!

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